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Textworkers offers monthly blog subscription plans to keep your content marketing strategy moving forward. Every blog comes ready to publish, error-free, and ready to drive results. Enjoy blog content that walks, talks, and sells for you.


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Do I Need a Business Blog?

According to Research Now, 84% of consumers follow through with a purchase after reading a blog. Blogs also reach new demographics, grow your brand recognition, and build your email marketing list for upsells, cross-sales, and more. The fact is, blogs are more valuable than ever.

Leads and Conversions

High-quality blog content can sell your products or services both directly and indirectly. We use both methods to capture the widest audience base while maximizing conversion potential.

Our priorities are simple; to write blog content that represents your brand, appeals to your target audience, and achieves the results you need.

Increased Web Traffic

Blog posts provide SEO benefits in multiple ways. For one, SEO-friendly blog posts optimized for search rankings rank individually. But they also help your entire website rank as a whole.

This is because the SEO applied to each of your blog posts helps to create the SEO profile of your website. The diversity and density of your SEO profile, the more relevant you are and the higher you rank.

Organic Search Rankings

Blogs have many benefits and purposes. One of which is driving organic traffic from search engines and social media. Even without advertising, blog posts can rank high, and attract click-throughs. This is called organic web traffic.

Publishing quality blogs regularly will keep Google crawling your posts and web pages, organically grow your audience, increase your sales, and naturally boost your organic search traffic.

Readership Growth

When you publish blog posts regularly, you will organically build a sustainable audience. As your audience grows, so will your sales. The key to audience growth is quality and consistency.

Social Media Branding

High-quality blog writing is paramount when it comes to building your brand reputation across social media channels. Every blog post is a testament to your authority, proof of your expertise, and a clear path to facilitating conversation and community feedback. 

Additionally, every link you post on social media that leads back to your blog is another path to gaining new customers and sales.

Relationship Building

Blog posts offer a way to communicate between brands and consumers. This is how relationships are built. Today, more and more consumers are basing their choice of brand they buy from on common values. This takes conveying your brand’s values in a manner that best resonates with your target audience. Blog posts bridge gaps between brands and consumers, helping to build and nurture relationships. 

Why Choose Textworkers?

We provide results-driven and highly engaging blog content for monthly subscription plans. Our writers are professional bloggers who know how to write blog posts that gain traction. We offer an all-in-one solution, from ideation to delivery. We’ll even publish your blog posts for you at no charge.

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Put Your Blog Strategy On Autopilot

We provide topic creation (ideation), writer selection and management, research, editing, quality grading, and publishing – all for the price of just the blog content. Additionally, every blog post comes with all features, including SEO, images, outbound links, and more.

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Consistent Blog Content Means Higher Rankings

Google loves fresh content. Google also loves consistency. Blogging fulfills both needs. When blog posts are written with value and substance and optimized for Google, they have the potential to drive a lot of traffic. This increases your sales. Publishing premium quality blogs regularly also results in profits over time.

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