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This article covers the top 5 content writing services based on popularity, customer reviews, and name recognition.

It also covers a list of benefits a content writing service provides businesses and agencies and whether a freelance writing website or a tried-and-true content writing service will benefit your particular needs best.

The Basis for Content Writing Services


Content writing as an industry has blossomed over the last 10 years. With the growth of online businesses, so has the need grown for digital marketing agencies and written content.

Written content is the bedrock of the internet. Evey written word on every website, blog, product, service – every how-to, instructional, training manual – every technical spec, case study, and more, makes the internet what it is.

A surprising factor, however, is that many fledgling businesses do not place the necessary weight on written content.

They place their belief in the success of their business on their product or service itself, rather than understanding that the sale comes from how their product or service is described, and whether that description can illuminate the true value of said product or service.

It seems as though the most successful online endeavors understand the need and value of quality content writing.

For those that do understand the importance of finding a reliable source to purchase quality content, here are the top 5 content writing services online ranked by popularity, customer reviews, or name recognition.

The Top 5 Best Content Writing Services



“Textworkers is a fully managed content writing service based in the United States. We offer white label SEO content written by professional in-house writers.”


Business Type: Textworkers is an in-house content writing service with remote staff writers who are thoroughly vetted for quality and experience.


What They Offer

What content types are offered? – Textworkers offers content across the board, including blog posts and articles, website content, product descriptions, white papers and case studies, legal copywriting, eBooks, and much more. They also offer full service package solutions for businesses and agencies across the board including marketing agencies, lawyers, tech startups, affiliate marketers, retailers, and more.

What is their pricing? – Purchasing content from Textworkers is only $0.07 per word. For web pages, Textworkers charges at a word spread of 200 words. This means that standard web pages of 300-500 words are only $35 each.

What is their turnaround? – Standard turnaround is 3-5 business days for up to 20 pages. However, Textworkers specializes in enterprise orders, so clients negotiate delivery schedules and fees for volume orders.

What’s included? – Textworkers offers included SEO, HD images, unlimited revisions, and account management included at no charge, which is a fantastic offer for those looking for premium quality content and complete account management solutions.

Do I get an account dashboard? – Absolutely. By signing up for free, you gain instant access to an account dashboard with a whole host of features. You can place instant orders, get custom quotes for subscription plans or volume orders, track current or upcoming projects, access past content, review and approve completed content. You can also PM your account manager directly 24/7.

What are they rated? – Textworkers is rated 4.7 stars out of 290+ reviews.

What is there level of quality? – The content offered by Textworkers is premium quality.

How do I get started? – To get started, you can email Textworkers at or you can sign up for free right now.

godot Media

“Hire professional writers to create content that converts customers and engages your audience”


Business Type: godot Media is a managed content writing service.


What They Offer

What content types are offered? – godot offers blog posts and articles, copywriting, eBooks, and social media posts.

What is their pricing? – godot offers multiple quality tiers.

Basic – .04 ¢ per word.

Standard – .05 ¢ per word.

Premium – .06 ¢ per word.

Elite – .08 ¢ per word.

What is their turnaround? – Their average turnaround is 4 days.

What’s included? – godot offers the written content and free revisions. The time frame for requesting revisions depends on which quality level you choose.

Do I get an account dashboard? – No.

What are they rated? – godot media is rated 3.9 stars out of ‎13 reviews.

What is there level of quality? – The content offered by godot media has mixed reviews as far as quality, but it is better than most of its competitors.

How do I get started? – To get started with godot media, you can get a quote or place an instant order from their website.


“Upwork expertly connects professionals and agencies to businesses seeking specialized talent.“


Business type: Upwork is a freelance marketplace.


What They Offer

What content types are offered? – They offer a multitude of content writing types and various other freelance skills.

What is their pricing? – Their pricing depends on the freelancer you choose. You must search for, interview, hire, and manage freelance writers of your choosing. The price you pay for content is something you negotiate with the writers directly. Upwork is not involved in this process.

What is their turnaround? – turnaround is agreed upon between you and the writer. Whether the writer meets your needed deadlines is dependant on whether the writer is dependable and reliable or not.

What’s included? – The content you assign a writer to write is the content you will receive, as long as the writer you hired can deliver and meet your expectations.

Do I get an account dashboard? – Sort of. You do sign in to the backend of the website, but it operates more like a platform where you can simply search, hire, and pay.

What are they rated? – Upwork is rated 4.1 out of ‎2,503 reviews.

What is there level of quality? – The quality you receive will depend entirely on the writer you hire.

How do I get started? – Visit Upwork and create an account.




“We are Content Marketing Enthusiasts Our Writers are diverse Industry Experts”


Business type: Verblio doesn’t directly specify. They claim to have an in-house writing team that has vetted a pool of over 3,000 writers.


What They Offer

What content types are offered? – Verblio offers blog posts, articles, videos, product descriptions, and ebooks. Their structure is based around monthly plans only.

What is their pricing? – Very expensive. Their prices range from .12 ¢ per word to $5.55 per word.

What is their turnaround? – The content ordered is delivered monthly.

What’s included? – Just the written content. However, Verblio does offer 3 images for an additional $20 per piece, SEO for an additional $40 per piece, and account management for an additional $200 per piece.

Do I get an account dashboard? – A limited account dashboard is offered where you can track timelines and set publishing schedules.

What are they rated? – We could only find a review rating for their old name, Blogmutt. They are rated 4.2 stars out of ‎25 reviews.

What is there level of quality? – According to customer feedback, their quality is hit or miss. However, they do have more reviews stating they were satisfied with their quality than most others.

How do I get started? – To get started with Verblio, customers create an account or contact them.

Crowd Content

“The scalable content marketplace for agencies, brands and retailers.“


Business type: Crowd Content is a freelance marketplace. They claim to have over 6,000 writers.


What They Offer

What content types are offered? – Crowd Content offers blog posts, product descriptions, white papers, website content, and Facebook posts.

What is their pricing? – They offer multiple quality tiers.

Entry-level – 2.2 ¢ per word

Freelance – 3.5 ¢ per word

Professional – 8 ¢ per word

Expert – .12 ¢ per word

What is their turnaround? – Unspecified.

What’s included? – You receive only the written content you ordered.

Do I get an account dashboard? – Yes, a limited dashboard to place orders.

What are they rated? – Crowd Content is rated 2.7 stars out of ‎14 votes.

What is there level of quality? – While they do have an above-average quality score when it comes to freelance marketplaces, it is still very hit and miss based on actual reviews.

How do I get started? – You create an account on their website.

Express Writers

“Great content for marketers and agencies. “


Business type: In-house content writing service. They have a staff of 90 writers.


What They Offer

What content types are offered? – Blogs, legal copy, subscription plans, and more.

What is their pricing? – Express Writers’ pricing ranges from .08 ¢ per word to.22 ¢ per word, depending on the service ordered.

What is their turnaround? – Depending on the service ordered, turnaround ranges from 3-5 days all the way to 20-25 days for as little as 5 pages of content.

What’s included? – Features depend on the service ordered but can include research and SEO for the more expensive pieces. Revisions are also offered but only for 14 days after delivery.

Do I get an account dashboard? – Yes, for review and approving content and contains content shop for purchases.

What are they rated? – Express Writers is rated 3.2 stars with ‎1 review.

What is there level of quality? – They have a vastly mixed review base when it comes to quality.

How do I get started? – You create a free account on their dashboard to get started.

Honorable Mention

We are including one honorable mention out of respect due to their above-average quality and customer feedback.

Content Writers

“Access content writing services from a network of specialized, professional writers.“


Business type: In-house content writing service


What They Offer

What content types are offered? – Content Writers offers web pages and articles.

What is their pricing? – Their pricing averages out to .40 ¢ or more per word.

What is their turnaround? – They offer a standard 5-day turnaround or a 2-day turnaround for a premium.

What’s included? – Content Writers states that their content comes optimized.

Do I get an account dashboard? – Yes, for tracking and approving content.

What are they rated? – Content Writers is rated 4.3 stars out of ‎37 reviews.

What is there level of quality? – Content Writers is reported to have good quality overall.

How do I get started? – To get started, customers create an account on their website.

What is the Difference Between an In-House Content Writing Service and a Freelance Marketplace?

While both business models offer content writing services, there are very big differences that separate the two business models.

Primarily, the differences are the volume of writers and oversight.

In-house content writing services usually have fewer writers in order to maintain a high level of quality control.

Freelance marketplaces, on the other hand, leave the oversight up to you, offer little oversight (if any), but offer a pool of thousands of writers with different levels of skill in the trade.

Freelance Marketplace

How does it work? – A freelance marketplace usually has a free sign up for writers and clients.

Writers sign up and begin looking for content writing gigs which are usually posted on a messaging board for the writer to check out if they feel they can handle the assignment.

Clients sign up and post jobs, providing the details of what they need. Once the job is posted, writers are scanning the board for new jobs.

Clients usually select the writer based on their word that they can successfully write the content according to the criteria, promising total satisfaction.

What is the skill level of the writers? – The broader pool of writers are entry-level, however, there are very skilled writers out there. They are hard to find and are very expensive because they control the flow of demand.

Pros – If you are looking for smaller content batches and do not mind interviewing candidates, hiring them, managing them, overseeing their work, and essentially managing the entire content production process from start to finish, a freelance marketplace may be what you are looking for.

Cons – You are in charge of oversight, so if the content is not the quality you expected or if the content was not delivered on time, you are responsible for working it out with the writer yourself.

In some cases, limited mediation is offered, but the outcome is usually soured.

Larger pool of entry-level writers than skilled writers.

Accountability is based on the freelancer’s word instead of managerial oversight.

In-House Content Writing Service

An in-house content writing service has a smaller pool of writers, but they are usually much higher quality. Vetting takes place in most instances, allowing for greater control over the skill level of the writing pool.

While each service is different, features are usually more abundant and cheaper or free with a professional writing service.

How does it work? – You create an account on the service’s website.

There is usually some sort of ordering system where customers can place orders around the clock.

There is also usually a quote system for larger orders.

Once orders are placed, and when account management is offered or selected, the account manager will oversee the content production for you, providing superior quality control through expert oversight.

When your content is finished, it is then delivered to you for review and approval.

If changes are needed, revisions are usually offered at no cost, at least for a limited time.

What is the skill level of the writers? – The level of skill with in-house content writers is usually much higher than with freelance marketplace websites.

This is because writers do not simply create an account and take a test.

Writers must usually go through an interview and vetting process which requires that a writer have greater skill.

Pros – An in-house content writing service offers higher quality content at more affordable rates, oversight, quality control, managed deliveries, quality guarantees, and manages your content’s production for you.

Cons – You usually do not speak with the writers, but rather, customer support or an account manager. While this provides you with a hands-free experience, some would prefer direct interaction with the writers.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing an in-house content writing service or a freelance marketplace, it really comes down to personal preference.

This listing of the top 5 content writing services consists of fully managed in-house content writing services, hybrid writing services with optional management, and freelance marketplaces.

Remember, it comes down to the experience you are looking for and the importance you place on the quality of your written content.