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Content Writing Services & Website Optimization

We provide top quality content writing services and website optimization. We offer blog content, editorial-style articles, website content, content marketing, SEO/CRO, web design, social media management, and more.

Textworkers has provided businesses & agencies with high-value content since 2008.

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Content Writing Services

Blogs * Articles * Product descriptions * Category descriptions * White papers* Press releases * Newsletters* Website content * eBooks * SEO content writing or sales copywriting available

Optimization Services

SEO (search engine optimization) * CRO (conversion rate optimization)

Marketing Services

Social post links * Social bookmarking * Strategies & planning * Content marketing * Internet marketing * Email marketing * Brand marketing * Lead generation * Lead magnets

Website Creation

Semi-custom web design * Nearly 100 base templates

Why Invest in Website Optimization?



Achieve higher rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


Naturally attract inbound links.


Build authority, credibility, and trust.


Create brand visibility.

Textworkers did a great job. Content was quality, and the turnaround time was very solid. Completed 24 pages of content in less than 10 business days.

Anthony Karls

Partner & Director of Operations, Sterling Law Offices, S.C.


Increase Conversions


Increase Rankings


Increase Engagement

*Based on actual results. Results may vary.

We Create Targeted Content

Your website is your most valuable marketing asset. Your content and business strategy must resonate with your visitors otherwise your business will suffer. There is no one-size-fits-all message. Targeted content allows us to send the right message to the right audience. Whether you sell products, produce breaking news, or develop SEO marketing strategies: our content writers, marketers, and optimization specialists provide leverage for your business, positioning you for success.

About Our Service

You work with one individual, a coordinator. Your coordinator manages your project, its development, and its execution.

  • No long-term contracts
  • Scalable content
  • Secure payments through invoicing
  • One-on-one service
  • Effective solutions
  • Full suite of services

About Our Staff

Experts work directly with a coordinator. This streamlines workflow, offers a hands-off experience, and places accountability where it should be.

  • Industry experts
  • Experience in marketing, branding, SEO & more
  • Proven success records
  • U.S. based
  • Native English speakers
  • Results driven

Content Writing Services

We offer a full range of content writing services that will have your content ranking high on search engines.


SEO Content Writing or Seamless Sales Copywriting

Blog Writing Services – Blogs are an essential part of any successful website. They can be promotional and embody opinions, or you can use them to impart high-value information. We offer single orders or monthly packages.

Article Writing Services – Articles are very different from blogs. They are used for news or magazine editorials, or to impart factual information from an unbiased perspective. They contain external links to sources for fact support. Single orders or monthly subscriptions are also available.

Product Descriptions – Product descriptions, service descriptions, or category descriptions can vary widely in voice. They can be SEO optimized, use sales copywriting, or they can combine the two. They impart the information you need and target your perfect customer.

White Papers – A white paper is an authoritative, yet persuasive report or guide which helps the reader become more informed about an issue, product or service, it can provide in-depth information which can include health information or technical specifications, or it can simply help the reader make an informed decision.

Press Releases – We create highly informative and valuable press releases for any occasion. Whether your company is newly launching, introducing a brand new product, or hosting an event – a press release can help to establish visibility and professionalism.

Newsletters – A newsletter can help to promote a product or a service, inform new and prospective customers about a special or a limited offer, or simply update your target audience about the direction of, or any changes to, your company.

Website Content – Website content refers to the text, or copy, on your website itself. Each web page is valuable marketing real estate, and must be populated with only high-value and concise content. To do this, we employ SEO content writing methods and/or seamless sales copywriting.

eBooks – eBooks are a fantastic medium used to help drive traffic to your website and build customer loyalty. Offering them downloadable content, such as an e-book, will help you establish your website as a true authority in your market. eBooks can be complex or educational materials to simple ideas made consumable and relatable.

Internet Marketing

Online marketing consists of numerous strategies and methods with the goal of garnering more site traffic.


Content Marketing

Social Post Links – We post links to your content from your social media accounts. We also create compelling and engaging social media posts to help build your social presence.

Social Bookmarking – We post links to your content from dozens of social bookmarking sites like Reddit and Scoop It. Votes from these sites are considered high-quality backlinks.

Strategies and Planning – Our specialists create viable and effective strategies for content creation and marketing. These strategies target increased site traffic through quality content engagement and visibility.

Email Marketing

We develop first-rate email marketing content, and implement visual imagery that will distinguish you from your competitors. We then use your leads to market prospective clients with the goal of increased site traffic and high conversions.

Brand Marketing

We establish a unique identity for your brand, separating you from competitors. We do this while building loyalty campaigns and creating brand visibility.

Lead Generators

We develop content and campaigns that act as lead generators. These are CTAs, offers, extras, opt ins, and more that help collect email addresses and other information for marketing purposes.

Lead Magnets

We employ sales copywriting to create one-sheets or marketing materials that help draw in site visitors. These can take the form of PDFs, downloadable content, and more.


SEM is the acronym for search engine marketing, which is also known as PPC (pay per click) marketing. We research your industry and compile only the most relevant keywords that relate to your business or industry. We then establish a limited budget and time frame for ad testing. Once we find the winning combination, we compile the results for your approval, and begin a full-scale PPC marketing campaign.

Website Optimization

We employ effective web optimization techniques to drive your rankings up, while drastically increasing your conversion rate.



SEO – SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization. SEO employs several methods in order to increase the ranking of your website and/or blog. The most notable are organic keyword integration and link building (also called backlinking). We employ organic keyword integration into every piece of written content to ensure it is indexed and ranked by search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We also help by developing and executing a link building campaign to help you garner only reputable and valuable backlinks using White Hat SEO methods.

CRO – CRO is the acronym for conversion rate optimization. We employ strategic planning in order to develop content that targets only your ideal customer. We establish trust, alleviate concerns or fears, use seamless sales copywriting, and develop campaigns that facilitate increased lead generation, opt ins, and sales.

Website Building

We build for you a semi-custom website that is 100% original, unique, and knocks your competitors out of the water.


Web Design

Semi-custom web design means we build your website from a template, however it is 100% original. We have almost 100 templates to choose from, and we create your website using the WordPress engine..

Step 1: We first research your industry and your business model. We establish your brand’s identity and unique value proposition. We develop a means to separate you from your competitors to ensure your brand is unique.

Step 2: We then research your industry for the perfect keywords for only the best in purely organic search engine optimization.

Step 3: We discuss the perfect layout, design, and number of web pages that encompass your needs and embodies your business model’s full potential.

Step 4: We take this information and our web developers create a stunning website draft for your approval. You can request changes at this time, or approve your new website’s design scheme.

Step 5: Once we receive a green light from you, we proceed in creating your new website.

Step 6: Once we are finished with your website, we “hand you the keys”. It is yours to do with and manage as you please. We can make any last minute changes you need to ensure your complete and total satisfaction with your website.

Note: We are always available for site maintenance, changes to the design or content, or to add/remove any areas you need. We do not offer custom redesign of existing websites, however, your current domain can always be pointed to your newly created website developed by Textworkers.

Included: All web design and layout, all content for each and every page, full optimization (SEO/CRO), and all images. We do not offer custom graphic design at this time, but all images come fully licensed for reuse.

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