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  1. Originality Guarantee: All content produced is guaranteed to be 100% original. It will never be duplicated or resold. Additionally, all content is guaranteed human-written. No AI.

  2. Payment and Ownership: Payment must be rendered before ownership rights to the content belong to the client.

  3. Client Interaction: Clients work exclusively with dedicated account managers who oversee projects and communicate with our writers. This streamlined process ensures effective communication and eliminates the need for client oversight.

  4. Testimonials and Ratings: Clients may be requested to provide testimonials and ratings after service completion. This feedback helps us improve and may be used for promotional purposes. Participation is voluntary and does not affect service agreements.

  5. Definition of Client: The term “client” refers to the individual or entity purchasing the content.

  6. Ownership: Upon payment and delivery, clients have full ownership of all content, ideas, and intellectual property (IP).

  7. Liability: Textworkers is liable for revisions in case of errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, or if client-requested criteria were not initially included.

  8. Content Exclusivity: Each piece of content is uniquely developed according to client specifications and remains exclusive to the client. It cannot be reproduced or redistributed.

  9. Indemnification: Issues arising from content usage are the responsibility of the client, as content is produced based on client-provided instructions and criteria.

  10. Refunds and Revisions: Refunds are not offered, but unlimited revisions are provided within our revisions policy. This policy ensures client satisfaction and clarity on revision terms.

  11. Cancellations: Monthly subscriptions are canceled immediately upon request. If payment has been made for upcoming content delivery, that content will still be provided.

  12. Content Delivery and Review: Completed content is either downloaded to the client dashboard project tab and/or emailed directly to the client.

  13. Agreement: By engaging our services and making payment, you acknowledge and agree to these Terms of Service, including our Revisions Policy and Privacy Policy.

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