Terms of Service

As of 01/01/2014

All work is guaranteed 100% original. No writings will ever be duplicated or resold. All payments must be rendered and processed before work can begin. Our writers are privately contracted and no contact with our writers shall ever be attempted for any reason, or at any time. Any attempts by one of our writers to contact you or your company for any reason shall be disregarded by you, your company and/or your staff. You may be asked to share a testimonial and provide us with a rating upon completion of service. This is only to obtain information on our service and may be used for showcasing purposes. Your testimonial and/or rating will have no effect on your service agreement(s).

Moving forward, client refers to the individual/entity or represents the company/entity who has purchased the content in question.

Ownership: Client will have absolute ownership of all writings, ideas and intellectual property (IP) upon full payment. If payments are reversed for any reason, the full rights, and ownership of all content and ideas in relation to content, including any repurposing of the content you were provided by Textworkers, will be reverted back to Textworkers. This means that the client will have no rights to showcase, publish, distribute, or be in possession of content not paid for in full and will be subject to fine for the violation of intellectual property laws and statutes. All content is timestamped and recorded by independent systems for these purposes.

Liability: Textworkers will still be liable for:

  • The inclusion of specified criteria.
  • Revisions in the event of an error in spelling/grammar/punctuation.

*Note: In the event that an error occurs or criteria were not included, it is the responsibility of Textworkers to ensure efficient action/correction is made.

Content Syndication/Rewrites/Modification: Once the client has possession and ownership of the requested/purchased content, client and the entity in which client represents, is free to syndicate or rewrite as seen fit.

Credits/Acknowledgement: Clients are not required to credit Textworkers in any way, shape or form. All content received/purchased will not carry writer information or credit any individual (writer) or affiliation (Textworkers). You may credit them as you see fit or according to your entity’s policy.

Content Exclusivity: Each content piece/writing is exclusive only to the client and/or corresponding entity. Each content piece/writing is uniquely developed specifically and according to provided criteria, instruction, guidelines, and needs. No content piece/writing will ever be reprinted, redistributed, or in any way reproduced for any other company, individual, or entity for any means or reason except in a case where the content was not purchased and a financial exchange between client and Textworkers did not occur. In this case, ownership of all content, ideas, and substance – including full intellectual property rights – reverts back to Textworkers. In this situation, the client is barred from publication, use, reproduction, a reworking of ideas or rewording of the content.

Indemnification: We maintain that any issues that may arise from any content piece/writing provided by Textworkers that covers topic areas, whether provided to Textworkers or sourced by Textworkers at no extra charge, Textworkers is not responsible for responses, repercussions, lawsuits, or any other consequences of the writing. Our policy is to provide content according to subject, criteria, topic or title – nothing more. We are not responsible for writings in any way, shape or form or in any manner other than to provide revisions according to our revisions policy.

Refunds: We do not offer refunds for any reason. By choosing to move forward with our (Textworkers) services, you hereby acknowledge that you are not entitled to a refund for any reason. You are, however, entitled to unlimited revisions at no extra cost to you as long as your revision request meets the guidelines of our revisions policy.

Cancellations: Cancellations in regards to monthly subscriptions can be made at any time. However, cancellation requests made after the first 15 days of your subscription month means you will still be charged for one more month. You will continue receiving the remainder of your content for the current subscription month and the next subscription month, but you will not be charged further. If your cancellation request was made within the first 15 days of your subscription month, you will continue receiving your content for the remainder of your subscription month but you will not be charged for one additional month.

Deadlines: While we are known for our on-time delivery, we do not guarantee deadlines, as it is possible that factors can impede delivery. While we are known for our reliable service and timely delivery of content, we also believe that quality always comes first. Sometimes this comes at a cost of extra time being taken to provide the best content possible.

Content Collection: When publishing is not selected, we provide adequate notifications when content has been completed and uploaded to your dashboard or emailed to you directly. This includes email notification by your dashboard that content has been uploaded, a change has taken place to a project and/or some form of a message notifying you (client) to check your dashboard. We ask that you review your content within 72 hours from the time of delivery to ensure it meets your criteria and is satisfactory. We cannot be held responsible for any changes as per our revisions policy for content that has not been reviewed for longer than a period of 72 hours after submission. In cases where revisions requests are not made within 72 hours of delivery, Textworkers is not subject to responsibility or held to any clauses or policy proclamations within any/all terms, conditions, policies, or clauses. Volume orders are extended to ten (10) business days after final delivery but only through a written request made to info@textworkers.com.

You Agree: By rendering payment to Textworkers and continuing with service, you hereby acknowledge that you have read these Terms of Service and Conditions and hereby agree to the statements and proclamations held therein unequivocally, and declare that you will abide by these Terms of Service in any/all situations or circumstances.


By agreeing to enter into a service agreement with Textworkers Content Writing Services, you are acknowledging that you have read, understand, and agree to our Revisions Policy, our Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. Your payment acts as your signature which acknowledges that you have read, understand, and agree to these terms of service and that are purchasing nonphysical goods/services from Textworkers and by entering into any contract with Textworkers, you hereby grant and entitle Textworkers all rights and privileges of PayPal seller’s protection if PayPal is the method of your payment. Both parties are bound by the wording of the contract and any subsequent communications which can be proven through an archive such as email communications. Textworkers vows to honor all contracts within the limits of all agreements and our company policies. Our rights to PayPal seller protection is only to ensure fairness and equality in regards to all service agreements with each and every client of Textworkers.