5 Exciting Ways to Increase Your Blog Engagement

When it comes to ways to increase your blog engagement, there are 5 things you can do right now that will change the way you blog from now on!

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Effective Strategies for Increased Engagement

Getting more engagement has never been easier.


Regardless of your company’s size or the scale of your blogging efforts, not every endeavor is met with success right from the start. As any entrepreneur will tell you, there is a learning curve when it comes to digital marketing, and blogging is no different. The goal of any blog post is to be read. But to get it read, it must be found by an audience that will find it valuable.

In this post, we will discuss five simple ways to get more traffic to your blog and how to get more engagement.

Create An Eye-Catching Title!

In order to grab someone’s attention right from the start, you have to create a title that will absolutely entice the potential readerhow to rank your blog higher right from the start. Keep it to the point, but make sure it is really catchy! This is usually the first thing they will see. A boring title means a low click-through rate (CTR).

Your blog title should represent what the reader should expect to find on the blog itself. For example, this blog’s title is “5 Exciting Ways to Increase Your Blog Engagement!”, and you’d expect to find a list of sorts in regards to increasing your blog engagement. You would not expect to find an elaborate advertisement full of false information aimed at simply selling you on a product or service you have no interest in.

Keep in mind that no one likes a click-bait title. When it comes to exciting ways to increase your blog engagement, tricking your audience is definitely not one of them. This is a title that does not reflect what the blog is about. It basically tricks people into reading it, which at that point, they leave your site bitter and vowing never to return. This means, create a title that reflects what the blog is actually going to be about.

Keep in mind that no one likes a click-bait title that does not reflect what the blog is about.




Write An Intro With Value

Your intro should either be a summary of your blog, a sum of the information found on the blog, or an opener that will further entice the Get More Blog Readersreader to keep reading. In any case, your intro should be of value to the reader in order to keep them interested.

No one wants to find an appealing title that sounds like a good read or a profound lesson on a subject of interest, only to find that the first words read are dry, dull, and lifeless.

Many times a reader is turned away before they ever have a chance to be engulfed in the blog. Keep it informative and of value, but make sure it makes the reader want to read on. An interesting intro is one of the fantastic ways to increase blog engagement, right from the start.

Your intro should be of value to the reader in order to keep them interested.


Use Artistry And Imagination

Remember, blogs are not literary works of art, but they should be creative, fun and imaginative. Keep the value at full speed, but never sacrifice enjoyment.

Make sure that whoever is reading your blog stays entertained. Don’t bore them out of their mind with dull writing; spruce things up a bit!Get more visitors to your company blog Keep things fun!

Keeping in line with the tone or feel of a client’s website is always top priority if you are a content writer, so find out from the beginning what tone or “voice” they would like used. In any case, I’m sure no one would mind a little wit and humor to keep a blog from feeling weighed down by all the facts and information.

Besides, blogs are not articles which are written in a scholastic approach. Blogs are normally conversational and should be written in a manner that will pique the reader’s interest.

Again, be sure to check with your client first, unless you are writing directly for your audience when it comes to the tone or “voice” of the blog. But in most cases, I assure you, you will not be penalized for keeping it light, interesting, and fun to read.

Don’t bore them out of their mind with dull writing; spruce things up a bit!


Don’t Forget The SEO

Don’t forget the SEO. A good blog, even if it is marketed well, should never be without proper optimization. Proper optimization should be done through natural and organic keyword integration.

SEO blog writingThis does not simply mean to take your focus keyword and stuff it in wherever it fits best. It means to demonstrate true authority when it comes to the use of your keyword(s).

Search engines do not want you to write to impress them. This is simply not how ranking on search engines, like Google, works. They only want for you to write for your audience. They want the content to be valuable to their customers. Once Google finds a piece of information that is relevant to their customer’s search query, it will present it to them.

By demonstrating true authority over the meaning of the focus keyword, as well as writing only for your audience, you will organically rank higher. Remember, being found is the most important step in having your blog read! SEO blog writing is key to being found.

Once Google finds a piece of information that is relevant to their customer’s search query, it will present it to them.


Multimedia Use In Blogs

The use of multimedia in blogs is becoming more and more essential when it comes to increasing blog engagement. Studies show that putting videos or images in your blogs stand a higher chance of eliciting engagement.Videos in blog posts

This means shares, likes, etc. Remember that most people, however interested in the blog they may be, are very busy.

Put the important stuff first. Don’t take a chance on a slow-build. You will lose them long before then.

Dazzle them right out of the gate to ensure maximum interest.



In conclusion, be sure that the person or service that is writing your blogs understand the core concepts of true SEO value. Be sure that they understand how to organically and naturally integrate your keywords into the blog.

Be sure to create a catchy title that will make someone want to click through to read more.

Include a high-value intro. Right from the start, you should offer the reader something for their time. Show them why they should continue on.

Put the fancy stuff first! Include any multimedia (videos, images, or infographics) at the beginning. This practice will ensure your engagement increases.

Write something interesting to read! Use words everyone will understand. Leave the complex writing for articles, and keep the blogs lighthearted, conversational, and fun.

These steps are sure-fire ways to increase blog engagement.

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