15 Benefits of Hiring the Best Blog Writing Service

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If there’s a need for blogs, the idea of outsourcing this task has surely been on the table. The next question that may arise is, “Freelancer or agency?” While there are many freelancers successfully blogging for popular brands, the best blog writing service may be a more suitable pick for the average client. Read on to discover the 15 most important reasons why.

1. Find a voice. 

Business owners are much too close to their projects to speak in a way that connects with the target audience. Potential investors and other business owners would get it, but visitors benefit from a different perspective. A professional blog writer working for an agency knows how to apply the best features of a business to a piece that serves the identified audience. 

2. Improve search engine rank.

It’s never as simple as saying what an audience would like to hear. The structure, content, and other features of a blog piece must be optimized in order to merit a higher search rank. Fortunately, writers working with an agency are well-versed in search engine optimization (SEO). 

3. Set it and forget it.

Those who do not have the time or the know-how to write also typically lack the time it may take to instruct and motivate a freelancer. With the best blog writing service, this is never a concern. An order is placed, and a blog with all of the right specifications is created. It’s the perfect content in one simple step. 

4. Get high quality images. 

Images can help improve rank as well. Every blog post worth reading hooks the visitor with at least one high-quality feature photo. However, there is no guarantee that a freelancer with strong blog writing skills will additionally be able to procure the necessary visuals. A service understands the importance of images and has the resources to provide them alongside the written content. 

5. Communication and reliability. 

The best blog writing service will be sure to respond and reach out to clients on a regular basis. Therefore, no business needs to worry about a freelancer suddenly abandoning a project with some vague excuse. Should a professional blog writer be unable to complete a project, they will be promptly replaced by the service. 

6. Increase traffic. 

Paid traffic from ad clicks isn’t useless, but it doesn’t have quite the same prestige as organic traffic. Once quality blog posts help a page climb in search results, one can enjoy an increase in organic traffic. This kind of traffic is always a sure sign that a business earns attention through great content, not by throwing down extra ad dollars.

7. Experience guaranteed. 

When it comes to an independent freelancer who summarizes their own experience, proceed with caution. Evidence of said experience with accompanying samples and references is absolutely necessary. Or, in the spirit of saving time, one could select an agency that has already properly vetted experienced writers.

8. Build authority. 

There’s a difference between being admired and being trusted. An entertaining and well-put together piece is great, but it’s even better when it conveys a level of expertise that other pieces don’t. That is precisely what the best blog writing service sets out to do for clients: help them build unparalleled credibility in their industry. 

9. Be consistent. 

Another feature of sites search engines love is regular updates. This is very important to an audience as well. With an agency, large orders are welcome. This way, a brand has a valuable stash of content that can be shared piece by piece. With a lone freelancer, there’s a limit to what can be accomplished in a small window of time. 

10. Save money. 

How does a writing service, with all of its perks, end up costing less? There’s a great ROI on the content, but additionally, it’s cheaper in the long term than hiring permanent staff. There are no benefits, paid leave, or expenses that usually come with a full-time employee

11. Focus on stellar ideas.

Some less-successful blogs tend to focus on topics that have been done too many times before. Worse yet, they do not offer information that differs from what similar posts share. With the actual content creation handled by a writing service, brands can focus on researching innovative ideas that help foster growth. 

12. Skip sifting through the masses. 

How many resumes does the average business owner have to look at before the find the perfect freelancer? If they choose an agency, none. They’ll be matched up with a fully qualified blog writer that makes sense for their project.

13. Convert, convert, convert. 

Blogs are usually focused on audience engagement more than sales. However, it’s only logical that audience engagement drives up sales. So rather than a hit-or-miss hard sell, engaging copy hooks a loyal audience that feels good about doing business with the brand behind the blog. 

14. Become a competitor on social media. 

Great content should always leap off the page and onto everyone’s feeds. If a brand needs more clout on social media, shareable content is the way to go. Once a writer has created a blog piece the audience can appreciate, social media teasers are an ideal way to attract clicks. Do this regularly, and a brand will naturally acquire more followers. 

15.  Work that’s ready to publish. 

There are several stages to completing high-quality content that ticks all of the necessary boxes. With a writing service, the client never has to concern themselves with this process, if they would prefer not to. There’s no additional outsourcing to be done, whether that be editing or SEO. 

Look no further that the best blog writing service.

Content that’s able to improve rank, increase conversions, expand an audience, and build authority? It’s easier than one would think when a writing service is involved. While freelancers can overstate experience and avoid accountability for all phases of work, an agency has a comprehensive tool kit that handles it all. They are convenient, cost-effective, and much more compatible with businesses that require a great number of pieces to project their message powerfully. 

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