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When working with Textworkers, you are provided with an account dashboard. All projects, quotes and invoices are accessable through your dashboard anytime. Your content will be uploaded to the appropriate project folder when it is ready for review.

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How do I gain access to an account dashboard?

Once you request an initial quote and agree to move forward with your project, an account will be created for you on our system and login details will be emailed to you.

You can use your login credentials to access your new account dashboard. 

From your account dashboard, you can:

  • Request quotes for new orders
  • Pay invoices
  • Review and approve completed content
  • Message your account manager directly
  • Invite co-workers and collaborate on projects


How do I request a quote from my dashboard?

From the sidebar of your dashboard, click Quotes.

Fill out the simple quote form and upload your brief.

Your account manager will receive your request and assess it within a few hours.

Once his or her assessment is finished, a quote will be created along with delivery timelines and details, and it will be generated on your dashboard. You will receive an email alert when your quote is ready.

To accept your quote, simply type your name and click accept.

An invoice will then be automatically generated, ready for satisfaction. You will also receive an email alert when your invoice is ready for payment.


How do I pay an invoice from my dashboard?

You can pay an invoice one of two ways.

Option #1. When your invoice is ready, you will receive an email alert. You can pay your invoice directly from the email.

Option #2. You can click the link in the email and log in to your dashboard. Click Invoices on the sidebar and pay the invoice directly.

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.


How do I invite co-workers to share my dashboard?

From your dashboard’s top navigation menu, select the Contacts icon.

On the contacts page, fill out the invite form, select the permissions you would like that co-worker to have, and click send.

Once your co-worker accepts their invitation, they will have their own login credentials provided to them for independent sign in.

Co-workers can review and approve projects, and if you allow it, may view invoices and quotes. The choice is yours based on your individual needs.


How do I review completed content?

Content orders are broken down into projects and content hubs. This model streamlines workflow, makes the process more efficient, and allows for greater organization.

You can access your projects list from your dashboard’s sidebar by clicking Projects. On your projects page, select the project you need to access by simply clicking on its name.

You will then be taken to the content hub page. Click on the content hub you need for that project.

From your content hub, you will see your completed content files. Click to download them. You will also have the ability to upload files, message with your account manager directly about that project, and provide any feedback. It also contains the description of that project, including start times and deadlines.

You will receive an email alert when your content is ready for review. You will also receive email alerts whenever there are updates made within your content hub, including new messages, status updates and more.


How do I request any changes that I may need?

From the project’s content hub, you can message with your account manager directly. From your messenger, simply let your account manager know what you would like changed and specify the content file that requires the changes.

It’s that easy.


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How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. You can fill out our contact form or email us with your criteria and order details. You can be as specific as you’d like in your initial inquiry. You can also upload a brief, if you prefer.

Once your inquiry is reviewed, typically in just a few hours, you will be contacted by one of our account managers via phone or email to discuss your project in-depth and to review pricing and delivery schedules.

Once an agreement has been reached, an electronic invoice and contract will be sent to you, your accounts receivable dept., or preferred representative. 

When the contract is signed by both parties and the payment schedule finalized, development of your blog content will typically begin within the same business week. You will also receive login credentials to your new account dashboard.

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