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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the cost of content universal?

Yes. All content types, from blog posts and articles to web pages and product descriptions are priced the same at $0.07 per word.

We do this to make it simple for businesses and marketing agencies of all sizes to streamline their content creation efforts without the hassle of seperate pricing structures.

What is your turnaround time?

Our turnaround time varies by order size.

Typically, orders of 1-5 pages are returned within 3 business days.

Orders of 6-10 pages are returned within 5 business days.

For Monthly Subscription Plans, turnaround is about one business week from the time you activate your subscription. Each month moving forward, you will receive your posts about one business week after your payment posts.

For Enterprise orders (high-volume), contact us with your order description and we will provide you with a quote and timetable for fast turnaround. All Enterprise orders include the highest QC standards.

Do you offer SEO?

We are an SEO content creation company. We specialize in providing cutting-edge optimization with every piece of content we develop, unless instructed otherwise.

We optimize titles, headers, and body text through the use of organic keyword integration.

SEO is included at no cost with every order.

However, if SEO is not your goal, we create content of all types and for any objective that embodies incredible value for audiences across the spectrum.

Do you offer images?

We provide images that are HD quality, licensed for reuse, royalty-free, and hand-selected for superior visual quality.

Images are provided for blogs, articles, web pages, white papers, and more.

Each image is included at no extra charge to ensure your content is visually stunning.

We do not, however, provide images for specific products for eCommerce websites. This is against licensing regulations. You would need to provide the images for specific products.

Do you offer publishing?

We provide optional publishing for all content types. After you review and approve your content, please provide us with login information including the login URL, username, and password.

After the credentials are ready, please message them to your account manager who will oversee the publishing process. You can message them from your task messenger where you download and review your content.

We prefer unique credentials created specifically for Textworkers with access limited to the areas needed to upload the content.

The email address for Textworkers is

Please let your account manager know if you prefer publishing to your website if you foget to add it to your order.

Where are your writers located?

Our writers are privately contracted and located all across the United States.

Each go through a strict vetting process. They are American citizens, native English speakers, and have extensive experience in content creation, inbound marketing, and SEO.

Our team leaders are experts spanning numerous industries for high-value, focused, and authoritative content.

Am I the owner of the content?

Yes, you own the content in its entirety. Textworkers is a white label service. You have the authority to add an author, upload it, change it, or share it. You are the owner, so the choice is yours.

The content belongs to you and is never duplicated or resold.

How does your service work?

You work only with a dedicated account manager. You do not work with or speak to writers.

Working directly with an account manager means that you DO NOT need to:

1. Vet, interview, or hire writers.

2. Manage or oversee your content’s production.

3. Send your content to an editor upon completion.

4. Scan your content for authenticity or originality.

5. Publish your content to your website or to your client’s website.

Your account manager takes your criteria and works with the writer or writing team hand-in-hand, managing the whole process for you.

Upon completion, your account manager sends it to our copyeditors who edit and scan for originality.

From there, your content is uploaded to your dashboard for you to review and approve.

If you choose publishing, your account manager ensures it is published to your website according to your schedule.


In addition, Textworkers has several departments that handle different content types and order sizes.

This is to ensure that orders are handled quickly for fast turnaround.

For example, Enterprise orders are handled by a department that specializes in only high-volume orders to ensure fast turnaround and strict Quality Control (QC).

This is the same with single orders and monthly subscriptions.

Can I request revisions to my content?

You are entitled to unlimited revisions. While revision requests are rare, they are sometimes used to simply fine-tune the voice or general direction.

Revisions are made at no extra cost.

Do I have to enter into a contract to use your service?

You are never forced into a long-term contract to use our service.

You can order as-needed without commitment.

Service agreements are only for high-volume orders and monthly subscriptions. They are simply to ensure our pledge to deliver the quality content you ordered.


How do I order content from Textworkers?

Our service allows you to order as-needed. You may place an order one of three ways:

1. You can place an order through our instant ordering system located on your dashboard. You can place as many orders as you need.

Once your order is placed, a project is then created on your dashboard. Click the name of the order under ‘My Projects’ to view detailed information.

Click the link to exchange messages about the order, download and review your content, and request any changes if needed.

2. You can subscribe to a monthly blog plan directly from your dashboard. Browse the plans and select the one that best suits your needs.

Once you select your plan, you must activate it. From there, you can provide all the details you would like. You can provide us with topics every month or we can topic source for you at no extra charge.

We use social media and Google tools to find what your audience is talking about and what they want to know.

3. For enterprise orders, you can request a quote from your dashboard or you can email us at

Simply provide us with the details of your order and we will respond with a quote and to negotiate a suitable delivery schedule.


You do not need to sign up to request a quote or to see if we are a good fit for your company.

Simply email us at with your inquiry and one of our content specialists will reach out to you right away.

What are your invoicing options?

When you request a quote, you will receive a quote and details pertaining to your order. When you accept the quote, an invoice will be generated on your dashboard instantly for easy and secure payment.

In other cases, some companies prefer not to order directly from an on-site ordering system, and we accomodate their preference.

In these cases, we will send an electronic invoice to your email or place an invoice on your dashboard for easy and secure payments.

Invoices can be generated even if you do not sign up with us. We can take your order by email and send a secure invoice to you electronically for convenience.

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