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How does one know if they need a copywriter? Businesses, brands, and agencies have done a lot of hard work to get where they are. They understand the business and the clientele inside and out. Therefore, they may not think they need a copywriter.

After all, there is absolutely no way a virtual stranger (often communicating virtually as well) could appreciate their journey and goals. When one has toiled tirelessly, they do not pass the reins over to an outsider who does not share their vision.

At least, this is what they tell themselves. The truth is, copywriters have seen and experienced a lot. This, coupled with strong writing skills, is what makes them a copywriter. More than anything, they understand why an otherwise excellent businessperson misses the mark with their writing: the connection they have with their business is stronger than the connection they have with their audience.

That is just the beginning. Here are ten more signs that a brand, business, or agency needs a copywriter.

Not meeting every audience member’s needs.

Aside from being able to speak to an audience, copywriters understand that not every member of that audience is precisely the same in terms of what they are willing to consume. Some are most likely to engage only through outreach efforts like emails. Many are not willing to read more than 500 words.

Though the mission is to persuade, people know at a glance whether or not they want to spend time on something. Headlines and a strong variation in content length across formats are key here.

Failure to uncover every benefit.

Finding and demonstrating benefits is something every copywriter strives to do. This can happen on a large scale or a very small scale. Today’s audience is very intrigued by common products and concepts with “hidden” genius, as evidenced by the barrage of “life hacks” shared online today.

As an example, take a cookware company. Their latest line of saucepans comes in trendy colors and is built to last – two points that deserve center stage. But a copywriter crafting a social media post can point out that the slot in the handle can be used to prop up a spoon, as well as hang the pan. This solves a problem that the company never even thought to use in their marketing strategy. The perspective of a copywriter always comes with additional insights.

Limited formats mean limited engagement. 

Circle back to that customer that only likes to read the marketing emails. What about the consumer who is obsessed with evidence, research, statistics? They are not going to be satisfied with every email. They would probably enjoy a white paper.

While variation in content length nets a wider audience, so does variation in format. Every strong approach should feature content plans for every format, which makes hiring an experienced copywriter all the more necessary.

Not enough time to keep up with search engines.

Some brands are helmed by people who do have that very strong connection to the audience. They might even be exceptional writers. However, that does not mean they know what they are doing concerning SEO and the nonstop mission to climb the ranks in search results.

Nor should they, as this takes up space and time entrepreneurs don’t always have. Instead, they need a copywriter, who keeps up with the regular changes search engines make and can tailor their work accordingly.  

Content has turned flat and redundant.

How many ways can a person say the same thing? It is a common problem with people too close to the company – they begin to sound like a broken record.

This is why people will turn specifically to a copywriting agency. Having many different writers means large content orders can be filled without wrestling through stale, one-note copy.

Social media profiles are dead.    

A lack of good copy can be a big reason why tumbleweeds are rolling through a brand’s social media pages. When copy is good, people follow, comment, like, and share. Agencies who need a copywriter are often getting ready to kick off big social media campaigns that may promise big returns.

Besides, people like brands that interact with social media. They come to recognize them better here, more than perhaps any other avenue.

The never-ending productivity struggle.

What business has the time to create all of this copy? If they do not spend that time wisely, they could lose steam and run out of time by the close of initial drafting. With a copywriter, owners and managers can find the time to make headway on other projects.

If a business is struggling to have anything to show for a long day’s work, it is time to outsource to an expert.

The unknown.

No one knows it all. That is why people focused on effective copy pull from their own experience, subject matter experts, and more to create well-informed copy that displays a well-rounded body of knowledge.

This is more difficult to achieve when someone is heavily involved in the business or brand itself. A team of copywriters from an agency can come together to put out a large order of content that encompasses the best of everything one would need to know about a product.

Can no longer afford a loss.

Creating copy should never be a gamble, but this is what businesses do when they fail to hire a copywriter. If the time to snare extra conversions is now, a copywriter is the best investment.

Copywriting agencies only provide real copywriters with the experience to back up their title. Don’t let that campaign fail; get a good ROI today with professional copy.

Good message, but no voice? You need a copywriter.

A message that appeals to an audience is a great start. Now, all it needs is a compelling voice to add dimension, and maybe a little excitement. Businesses who recognize that they need a copywriter are essentially looking for an additional brand representative who specializes in written communications.

This is especially true if a product or idea is not inherently exciting. It can be difficult to squeeze a sense of urgency and desire out of many industry topics. Unless, of course, one has found the right copywriter.