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More and more, companies are looking to hire eBook writers. With digital media gaining the lead over other formats, brands everywhere need to hire eBook writers to add more value to their web presence. But even if their personnel already includes industry experts, turning out an eBook requires much more than industry knowledge.

What does it take to produce a book that can only be read on a modern electronic device? Why should a business bother writing books for the web, anyway?

Why Offer eBooks?

Companies one would typically never associate with in-depth literature – even of the digital variety – are suddenly publishing eBooks. Here are a few reasons why.

Master of the niche.

A business that publishes a comprehensive book covering a niche is automatically an authority. This works for businesses of any size. Imagine someone is searching for a local contractor to remodel their home. They have visited two websites. The first is well-appointed and easy to navigate.

The second site is as well. However, on the main page, the contractor is offering a free eBook called The Beginner’s Guide to Home Remodeling. It walks readers through what is required for various remodeling tasks and outlines skills contractors must have to get the job done. It even includes design ideas and details on past projects that the contractor has completed.

It is easy to see how a visitor might hold the second contractor in higher regard.

Selling opportunity.

When readers are consuming an eBook with the information they need, they will not be as averse to a little self-promotion. Readers are already benefitting from the business publishing the eBook, whether they become a customer or not.

Therefore, weaving in testimonials and case studies is a good way to showcase what a brand is offering. It is relevant to the rest of the content, and can further illustrate why the topic is important. The reader scrolls away knowing that if they want to buy a product or service related to the topic, the business who published the best resource is a smart choice.

Ongoing content creation.

When a brand hires eBook writers, the result can keep them knee-deep in content ideas for a year. Simply look at each chapter, and there may be an opportunity to create multiple blog posts from it. It can even inspire a video.

Some businesses promote their eBooks by spreading a “teaser” around. For example, a white paper adapted from an excerpt from the eBook. The reader enjoyed the white paper, which was free and did not take too long to read. They decide to take advantage of the invitation to read the full eBook at the end.


A good website is always giving their audience a reason to visit. They do this through additional content. A marketing email announcing the book, with a direct link to the website, is an ideal way to make sure an audience is aware of the product.

That can reinvigorate an existing audience. But when the eBook covers timely topics and/or specific industry-related matters, it can net a website even more visits. A great eBook released at the right time can easily push a business ahead of its main competitor.

What Does It Take to Write a Great eBook?

Naturally, one must be a great writer to write a great eBook. But the real reason brands hire eBook writers is because only they combine great writing with the following skills.

Superior organization.

The main challenge that comes with long-form writing is flow. Can the writer make the book progress logically and easily for dozens of pages? This takes a great deal of outlining and organization before fleshing out an initial draft.

Format knowledge.

Formatting depends on where and how the eBook is being published. Every eBook needs to be properly formatted (or de-formatted) before conversion. Hyperlinks, a table of contents, and paragraph styles need to be hammered out. Most word processor formatting will need to be removed, and consistent spacing and pagination are additional concerns.

Research skills.

Professional eBook writers know how to spot quality sources and integrate them properly into text. Additionally, they will obtain knowledge of the target audience and adjust their tone and content to suit them.


Truthfully, an eBook can be completed rather quickly. With one page of writing taking most writers approximately one hour, and an instructional nonfiction eBook running about 50 pages, it can be drafted in a week.

However, no writer is too good for a revision. Multiple edits are typical. And to get it all done in a timely fashion, it takes extraordinary focus. This is not a time investment that people who already have day jobs – let alone their own business – can make.

Where to Hire eBook Writers

Brands hire eBook writers from writing agencies for very specific reasons.

  • Time constraints.

When an industry topic has generated a lot of buzz among competitors, everyone wants to be the first to cover the topic best. Hiring a freelancer and interviewing applicants can be too time-consuming. To make it to the finish line first, brands contact writing agencies who can get the job done in a reasonable amount of time without sacrificing quality.

  • Experience.

Agencies also assess and test eBook writers before adding them to staff. That means that the agency’s clients can be assured that they will get what they paid for. Editing and proper formatting are addressed, so the eBook is ready to publish.

  • Ongoing content needs.

With an agency, a business does not need to worry about finding separate freelancers for eBooks, blogs, social media posts, emails, editing, and so on. Once the relationship has been established, the business can scale their content strategy as needed.

  • Efficient management.

Agencies that offer eBook writers come with built-in project management. This ensures the project progresses smoothly and is completed as planned without additional work from the client.


So much can go wrong with an eBook. It can contain too much filler, it can flow poorly and seem disjointed, or it can be formatted so badly that readability is nonexistent. When a website decides to hire eBook writers with experience, they will receive content that helps sell, builds authority, and continuously provides value to new customers.