Who is Writing Your Content?

Mills and marketplaces can sometimes be deceiving. Even in cases of managed services, sometimes you are led to believe one thing Who is Your Content Writeris happening with your content, only to have another. These “content providers” take your personal project and list it with hundreds of other projects on a website, giving the first person that clicks on the project the responsibility of providing you with the quality you were promised. This is not what was explained to you before entering into a service agreement, at least in most cases.

Unfortunately for many, marketplaces are everywhere, and they you may not have all the facts upfront before spending your money.

In other situations, some content marketplaces design an automated website with a shopping cart, but no option to speak with or contact a qualified support agent. Here, you just point-and-click for the service you want, then pay online with no way to be heard. Without having an option of speaking to someone, such as live chat, or being able to describe your project online – how do you know these writers will deliver the content you want? When it comes to your content, you need to have the option to speak with someone when you need to.

The truth is, many of these companies do not have an in-house writing staff. They do not write your content personally. Even freelance marketplaces allow your content to be written by someone they have never even spoken to. They simply list your project on an online task board where they are clicked on, checked out, and given a time limit to return.

Is this really what you are looking for when it comes to your business?

Knowing Exactly What You are Looking For

Do you want the voice of your company to be the voice of an unqualified freelancer? Do you want the future of your company placed in the hands of a stranger, whose experience is unknown? Do you want your sales and success determined by someone who just soKnow What You are Looking for happens to “check out” your content order?

A content writing service should employ numerous methods, which vary from subscription to subscription, depending on your individual needs. Each should be handled with personal care, and written by a qualified professional writer. Your content criteria should be listed so that the writer understands the topics and voice you are looking for. You should have an opportunity to explain your industry, allowing for the best possible content possible to be written specifically for you and your business.

Receiving Customized Blog Content 

CustomizedYour content should be fully customized. You should be able to simply let your content company know the topic, word count, and what tone, or “voice” you would like your content written in. The content company you choose should be specialized in custom blog writing services, giving the focus your content deserves at every turn.


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