How to Use Your Blog as an Effective Marketing Tool

You may or may not know the full benefits of building and maintaining a business blog. Believe me, there are many. This particular blog, however, will focus solely on the marketing aspect of blogging.


By now I’m sure you are well aware that blogs can vary greatly in direction and tone. This is the foundation to why blogs make the perfect marketing assets. In fact, 84% of marketers believe that blogs carry more marketing value than video, social media, or social bookmarking sites.


Doing Your Research

Laying the foundation for the tone of the blog relies on demographic research, or, audience targeting methods.

This means that you have to know who you are speaking to, in order to know how to speak to them. You have to be sure that the tone of your blog is going to be A) relatable, B) consumable, and C) engaging to and for your target audience.

By doing this research first, you are able to frame out not only the blog being written but also any future blogs that are targeted to that same audience.


Plotting Your Course

Framing the direction of the blog is your next step. This actually isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Framing a direction entails plotting out the information that needs to be conveyed, not just what you wish to convey. Sometimes it’s a good idea to first create the headers for the blog beforehand. Nothing fancy – yet. Just plain headers as place markers that introduce the forthcoming content for that section.

Remember, this blog is marketing content, but that doesn’t mean go salesy. It simply means that you are going to discuss an aspect or several, that can help your target audience make an informed decision.

You must know your industry, product, or service inside and out – but, you must also possess the linguistic skill to convey this information in a manner that appeals to your target audience. This is most often the part that isn’t so easy for most. You may have an outline, demographic charts, and a mandate for a clear and concise message, but you may not have the natural ability to translate this information to create a professional, high-quality blog post.


Context, Not Just Content

The context of the blog is crucial. Everyone knows that quality content is a must, but many neglect the aspect of context.

The context means that while you are creating a blog for marketing purposes, your overall subject matter stays on par with your overall website. That goes for tone and subject matter, industry, and more.

For example, if you have a website that talks about electronics on virtually every page, but you write a blog about selling firehoses, you may throw off search engines when it comes to what you actually so, and what your website is actually about. Now, this probably won’t happen from one blog, but when done enough, it will definitely begin to have an impact.


Achieving True Marketing Success

Exposure, of course, is essential when it comes to any marketing campaign. However, through organic search ranking, blogs stand a clearly higher chance of reaching eyes alone than any other marketing means.

However, when used hand-in-hand with social media and social bookmarking sites, your chances of reaching the eyes you want in front of your blog are now through the roof.   It’s a symbiotic relationship in every sense of the word.

Your social media platforms need content to flourish. Blogs are that content. Posting links back to your blog posts give your social media followers fresh content to read and learn from.

The people that click through to read your blog post become site visitors, increasing your chances of making a new customer. You have now increased your site traffic, having generated a quality lead while increasing your chances for a conversion.

The blog has now officially done its job as an affordable and effective marketing tool. Now, you just do this over and over again to replicate the results. The more blogs you post, the higher the chances of success.

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