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Why does every traveler need the expertise of a travel copywriter? Before travelers embark on a trip, they research. Few places are mysterious in today’s world, as it seems someone has set foot everywhere and shared that with the internet.

Whether the visitor is seriously planning their next trip or looking for inspiration for their next adventure, the web offers plenty of content to fuel their mission. This is where travel copywriters come in.

What is a travel copywriter?

Travel writers specialize in copy describing the various aspects of a travel destination. They are often explorers themselves who use their travel experience to inform others.

Many copywriters perform research to write about any industry they are asked, and this works well for certain projects. But travel copywriters are quite literally the very audience they are writing for. The real difference is that they have strong writing skills and understand how their work is every bit as important to businesses as it is travelers.

This makes them the ideal liaison between travel-related businesses and their customer base.

Who needs travel copywriters?

A whole host of organizations benefit from a dedicated travel copywriter. They mainly include:

  • Travel websites
  • Travel agents and agencies
  • Tour companies
  • Hospitality-centered organizations

A travel copywriter doesn’t simply review a location. They may write short descriptions used for marketing purposes, brochure material, blogs, guides, and promotional copy.

Copy can be as short and to the point as a few lines designed to entice the reader into inquiring further. It could also be an in-depth account of their experience that essentially serves as a model for what potential vacationers would do if they booked the trip.

The benefits of hiring a travel copywriter.

Broader firsthand experience.

Like every other industry, any travel-related organization has serious competition. That is why they often do not focus on one type of experience. If a business wants to present options for every type of traveler, the right writer is crucial.

Some travelers focus on cuisine and culture, while others want luxury getaways. Some want to blend in and experience a new life as a local might, just the same way certain travelers are looking for excitement or total relaxation. The best way to present every possibility to the potential traveler is with people who have been there in person and know how to write about it.

Features travelers truly care about.

The truth is, potential travelers might not care how long a nearby restaurant has been in business, or who founded the resort. This type of information is sometimes included because it’s just one of a scant few details a member of that travel agency’s staff was able to dig up during research.

Travel copywriters know what the reader wants because they often want the same. They can determine what areas are suitable for pets or kids, when lodgings were last updated, and if the surrounding area offers more attractions vacationers would want. They can even unearth or share firsthand very helpful cultural customs that make the reader feel much more prepared to navigate the area. 

The right tone for the right subject.

How do you sell an experience? It all comes down to tone. Before someone visits a location, they imagine themselves there. Consider hotels, for instance. Even if the accommodations are not the most luxurious or modern, they can receive plenty of bookings if the tone is as inviting as it is informative.

Family-friendly attractions should be described in a bright and active voice. The exhibits at a famous children’s museum do not automatically entice through titles alone; the feeling that kids will be engaged does. A few well-chosen adjectives can separate one amusement park from all of the other options in the vicinity. This is not lost on the travel writer, who has enough personal experience to add color and flavor to what would otherwise be a plain portion of the copy.

Finding the value.

Because a travel copywriter is a traveler also, they know where the value lies within a list of features. They can take a bullet list of facts, find the value within, and present them as benefits to the reader.

For example, a travel website would present the specifics of a historical landmark. The cost to access it, the hours of operation, and other amenities available on-site, such as restrooms and gift shops.

A travel writer can provide all of the same useful data while expressing to the reader where they can find more value. The most favorable time of day to visit, the best vantage point from which to take photos, and a nearby point of interest to visit on the way to or from. These are the details that can tip the scale closer toward the “book now” button.   

 Searching the world for the best travel copywriter.

How does a blog or brand expose every possible angle of a vacation destination to its audience? The most adventurous attractions, the spa-like getaway, and the educational cultural experience? They do so by employing a range of travel writers in the know. With today’s resources, that is easier than it sounds.

Enter the agency.

Copywriting agencies boast a subgroup of writers in their pool who specialize in all areas of travel. Instead of gathering a collection of freelancers with similar experience and varying degrees of quality in writing, clients of these agencies have immediate access to vetted and verified travelers with real writing skills.

Agency writers concentrating on travel are also proficient in SEO techniques, so clients get the optimization benefits along with the credibility of the in-person experience. And because copywriting agencies have their staff to ensure the work arrives by the deadline, fully edited and ready to publish, clients do not have to invest as much of their own time in content creation.

Finally, there are major cost benefits. Many companies have paid exorbitant amounts for “field research”, where travel to a location is paid for by the company to provide an experience for the writer. With a large number of travel copywriters who have an even wider-ranging amount of travel experience, reputable copywriting agencies can save organizations thousands of dollars with just one content order.