Why would a brand need to find article writers? And how are blogs and articles different? It can be a nuanced distinction. Today’s web writers find themselves blending the best of blogging with a measured, journalistic approach. One may even find article writers spending more time on editing to truly nail the format.

In general, articles are longer and more informative in tone. Also, they tend to be sourced from higher quality materials, where blogs may be conversational or colored with opinion and personal flare.  

It’s the more formal, fact-based angle that demands more impactful copy. How can a business or brand convince the reader without getting too comfortable and personal?

How Article Writers Create Impact

There are perhaps thousands of small ways that an article writer exceeds at their job. No non-writer could replicate it with a few rules of thumb alone. That said, some commonly used tactics can help anyone spot great, impactful writing.

Knowing where to keep it short.

Even though an article is longer than the average blog post, it should not feel that way. Readers intuitively know that an article requires more time and attention than a blog post, but that does not mean they begin reading with the intention to finish.

Sentence length variation, for instance, is good for SEO. But some short sentences with a compelling bit of information have a greater impact than longer, more complex ones. Similarly, paragraphs are best kept short. People see it and have no doubts about getting through it.

Minimal repetition.

Now and then, some material needs to be recalled as a reminder of an important point. This is almost exclusive to long-form articles. Otherwise, information is not repeated. Every section of the copy has something completely new to offer.

If a point needs to be illustrated, one example will usually suffice. A good writer does not need to say the same thing several times to get more people to understand it.

Plenty to say, the right way.

Upon closer inspection, one might find article writers that have little to share and a lot of words to describe it. They end up boring or confusing readers by not delivering on what was promised.  

For example, consider the copy contained here. If as much time was spent talking about how great and life-changing writing tips are, the tips themselves would not have the same impact. It makes the writer of the tips the focus, not the value the tips offer.

Thorough editing.

With enough editing, a blog can become an article. In fact, with enough editing passes, one piece of content can become twelve different pieces of content. When it comes to article writing, editing is much more important than it is with other formats.

It goes far beyond the usual spelling and grammar concerns. Fact-checking, sentence restructuring, and the omission of unnecessary words become a priority. Because this can impact the target length of the piece, the writer may need to go back and add more useful information. From there, editing begins again.

An active voice.

Active voice improves reader engagement and is also good for SEO. Sometimes, passive voice is unavoidable. Still, using an active voice helps with the always-impactful economy in writing.

Many article writers find that editing sentences to make them active happens to make them shorter and easier to understand. This is precisely why readers prefer them. “They love this article,” is always better than, “This article is loved by them.”

Keeping the reader on the page.

The reader must be on board with the writer. Much of this occurs with the headline and opening. From there, they need to feel curious, or agreeable. When a reader agrees, they are accepting the facts presented. They see why the facts matter. They have enough information to go out and do something with those facts.

Building curiosity in an article uses logic and facts also but reveals it a piece at a time. This can work well for topics where the writer must dedicate more space to anticipating the reader’s questions.  

Suppressing the ego.

It would be tough to find article writers that do not have a vocabulary that includes some pretty impressive words. Everyone wants the chance to use these words, but those chances are rarer than one would think.

Being a professional writer is never about wowing the reader with a thesaurus. The shorter forms of words are preferable for many pieces. Certain career cultures may prefer “operate” to “use”, but for general audiences, keep it simple.

How to Find Article Writers

With so much going into an impactful article, how does an organization find the right writers? The answer may be finding the right team to ensure the article’s writing is done properly.

That does not mean that a business must open a new department within their organization to handle it. Today, it usually means hiring an agency to handle all aspects of article production. Here are the biggest benefits of doing so.

Streamlined selection process. Thanks to online reputations, choosing an agency is easier than choosing an individual writer. Freelancers and in-house hires alike require research, interviews, and more. An agency takes a client’s information and chooses the writer with the correct experience and background for the assignment.   

Cost reduction. In-house hires eat up a lot of money in regular wages, benefits, and administrative costs. Freelancers might advertise a more attractive rate, but their work can require more money spent on editing and optimizing. Agencies deliver work that is ready to publish, often at highly competitive rates.

A history of results. If a business wants to find article writers, they must be ready to face some uncomfortable possibilities. An applicant’s experience may be falsified, or they may drop out of the project halfway through.

This does not happen with agencies that provide article writers. They test their writers, collect evidence of their experience, and keep track of everyone’s success. If one writer cannot complete a project, another will pick it up, with no extra work on behalf of the client. With today’s rising content demands, writing agencies are flourishing as reliable, cost-effective, faster avenues through which brands get quality articles.