The actual content of a business’ website is the key element towards its success; this has never been as important as it is now in 2018, with the staggering amount of information available to us from a mere 2-second search on Google.


If your website looks fantastic and is full of interactive features, but doesn’t actually have any useful or meaningful content, you are effectively giving the user no real reason or benefit to be on the site. A business should aim to have website content that is engaging, useful, and that provides some intrinsic value to its users. Do this and they will have a reason to stay – and come back.


Substance vs. Material

In years past, it was a popular trend to include a multitude of “flashy” features on your website. These could be anything from background music to overly long flas


h landing pages, or even highly complicated interactive menus. These items all looked fantastic, but did they actually give the end user

 anything of substance? No.

In 2018, website owners will push content that is engaging and informative and stays away from too much “graphical filler”. don’t get me wrong, multimedia is wonderful – as long as it is performing a function, such as explaining how your service works. however, never underestimate the value of the written word.


Listed below are some ways in which you can provide quality web content:

– Have informative text that actually relates to your website’s goals.
– Enable a comments sections so users can interact and provide feedback.
– Use Social Media to build trust between your business and end-user.
– Avoid the use of stock photography as this can seem impersonal.
– Don’t be afraid to embed videos to provide explanations to products etc.

If you implement some of these ideas and think about how the end user will actually interact with your website, and also consider what they want to achieve, you can create quality and engaging web content that will give your site an edge against competition, and also give it better standing on search engines.


Why Does Quality Matter?

Consider this scenario – You are searching for camping equipment and come across Website A and Website B. Website A provides stunning photographs of their camping equipment and also features many photographs of their tents in far-flung places – However, you struggle to find any information on the specifications. Website B on the other hand, features more modest photos, but has a section on each product dedicated to customer reviews, an extensive specification list, and also has a blog that has various camping related articles. Which would you prefer to purchase goods from?

As you can see, there are real, tangible benefits to providing quality content in 2018 that enhances an end users browsing experience, and gives them greater insight into your business and what it has to offer. In the modern, technology-driven world we live in, quality is what differentiates you from the masses.