When and where is a technology copywriter necessary?

There are various conditions under which a company should consider doing more than simply hiring a copywriter. The big one is if they are creating, promoting, or selling technology. For this, they should hire a technology copywriter, especially if their efforts are B2B.

What Technology Copywriters Write

Tech copywriters are just like every other copywriter, except they have tech knowledge. Many even have formal education or work experience in the industry. With this additional expertise, they can write about tech coherently. Combined with copywriting skills, they create the following.

Articles and blogs.

Article and blogs in the tech space need to be informative, but also provide insight. A company will not gain readership via blogs and articles unless the writer is tech literate. They also need to publish pieces regularly.


Whitepapers are a high-value format that works especially well for building authority. They serve as guides that break down and present complex concepts and theories to a specific audience.

Product descriptions.

Usually, copywriters can get away with doing retail product descriptions based on how something looks. Not so in the tech industry, where the specs, capabilities, and benefits must be spelled out succinctly and without any filler.


Companies looking for hires and clients could make good use of corporate brochures that explain their mission and give critical details on their daily operations and company culture. Inside knowledge is so important here that they often first look to have an existing employee contribute brochure copy.


Landing pages, profile pages, and every other type of page copy should be consistent in tone and exhibited skill level. No one will want to click over to learn more about a product if the home page contains generic copy that doesn’t speak to a tech-savvy audience.

Skills Every Great Technology Copywriter Possesses

The combined knowledge of copywriting and technology is just the beginning. Tech copywriters also offer their clients the benefits of the following four qualities. 

Presenting benefits.

Despite the concentration on technology, just like any other writer, a technology copywriter must tell a story. This is the best way to show the audience what the benefits are. A good tech copywriter understands a company’s processes, and what problems they solve. 

With this information, they illustrate to the audience why it is that they should do business with that company. Connecting on a practical, human level can be just as important for some materials as tech knowledge.

Great communication range.

One could assume that a technology copywriter speaks one language, and it is tech-centered. In reality, tech copywriters possess the communication skills to speak to a few different groups of people. This is actually why the writing makes sense.

First, they need to be able to communicate with SMEs (subject matter experts). These individuals are invaluable when it comes to acquiring the most necessary details about technology. SMEs also introduce concepts that would only be known within the industry, which can help the writer sound native to the topic. Yet tech copywriters also must communicate to the audience.

Marketing capabilities.

When it comes to technology, there are certainly plenty of prospective clients who may be swayed by facts and statistics alone. But technology copywriters can take it one step further if they have the marketing sense appropriate for the position.

In the tech space, most products and services are not cheap. There is also little chance that the company is going to run out of that technology soon. Therefore, their marketing efforts are doubly important in making the sales cycle a success. 

Proactive and productive.

Technology copywriters are avid researchers. A piece of content cannot be completed without learning as much as possible about the company and product they are writing for. As mentioned, they also deal with SMEs, meaning that they could have to conduct interviews. This requires journalistic flare concerning posing questions, isolating the most important information, and more.

Companies also often want the copy in various formats in the same period. That’s why tech copywriters are ready to use one set of information to create an array of materials for various purposes. For instance, a company needs copy for a landing page, upon which they would like to invite visitors to download a value-packed whitepaper. If the writer has done their research, they can do both on one deadline.

Why Technology Enterprise Companies Avoid Regular Copywriters

  • More time-consuming. Experienced tech writers know what resources will net them more useful and reliable info during research. This saves both parties a lot of time and ensures that the information presented is accurate.


  • Too much coaching. When a general copywriter does do research, they are inevitably going to have follow-up questions for the client to answer. At some points, the client may feel as though they are doing too much of the work on the copy.


  • They don’t know the audience. Tech writers are either talking to other people who understand the vernacular or explaining it to people who do not. Both of these positions require firsthand understanding. A general writer cannot blend in with experienced audiences, nor properly educate those buying from outside the industry.


  • It negates the point of outsourcing. Companies outsource to tech copywriters to save time and leverage someone else’s experience and expertise. If a writer has to struggle to grasp the concept and present it to the audience, they are not getting what they sought out.

Finding a Tech Copywriter

Copywriting agencies are increasingly adding specialty writers to their lineup of available writers, and technology writers are no exception. With an agency setting clients up with tech writers, it is practically guaranteed that none of the above pitfalls will become a problem.

Agencies can offer tech companies oversight, making the technology copywriter hiring process a lot faster. It also helps ensure the work is delivered on time. Best of all, agencies are valuable sources when companies require ongoing work. Their scheduling input and wealth of qualified writers eliminate many of the barriers to outsourcing true quality copywriting.