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Why choose SEO copywriting services, or focus on SEO at all?

When someone types a query into a search engine, links appear. Some of these are paid advertisements or local results.

Just below these, however, are the top suggestions as defined by that search engine. These sites get more organic traffic due to their high position. How did they do it? Search engine optimization (SEO). SEO copywriting services in particular help businesses achieve higher rank.

SEO: The Abridged History

In 1990, the first search engine, Archie, was created by a college student. By 1991, SEO was being employed to help pages appear higher in Archie’s results. Nineties-era SEO was very sloppy by today’s standards. In fact, today, those SEO tactics would get a website classified as spam.

So much of SEO, yesterday and today, comes down to keywords. In the early 1990s, administrators and writers would just stuff their copy full of the keywords and phrases they wanted higher rank for. They spammed links and even leveraged hacking to get their sites higher.

This shifted a bit as more search engines joined the party. AltaVista, WebCrawler, Lycos, and more were known to award rank based on factors like domain, directories, and yes, keyword-heavy page copy.

SEO Today

Today, keywords are used very judiciously by SEO copywriting services, and that is due to Google. When Google began powering Yahoo’s search engine in 2000, they introduced an algorithm that would decide where a page belonged based on additional factors, such as external links.

To say Google’s algorithm revolutionized SEO would be an understatement. The algorithm evolves regularly. There are known SEO techniques, but many tactics require experimentation. It is the only way to measure how important they truly are to the algorithm at that time.

Therefore, successful SEO is an ongoing practice. To be successful at using SEO techniques in 2013 means little in 2019. That’s why webmasters and copywriters, in addition to being mindful of basic principles, are always doing their best to stay on top of the latest word on Google’s algorithm.

For instance, since 2008, Google has placed known emphasis on brand trust. A few years later, it was confirmed that the speed of a website was of importance. Other factors, like voice search, local search, and mobile responsiveness have also come into play.

SEO Copywriting Services

Copywriting is essential to content creation, and creating and marketing content is the primary time expenditure for anyone making use of SEO. Here are a few principles of value to SEO copywriters.

Headline creation.

A body of copy may never be read if it does not open with a great headline. Research has shown what people typing queries into engines like to see. At the very top in recent years have been numbers. “Listicles” are a great way to market because consumers know how much content they can expect, and can choose based on the time they would be willing to spend.

Readers may also be attracted to headlines that address them personally, or promise to show them how to do something. No matter the style, the purpose of the copy should be relevant to the headline.

Meta descriptions.

The copy that appears beneath a link in search engine results is also very important in SEO. This is the meta description, and it provides very limited space to create copy that begs for a click.

These are essentially written advertisements for the content. For instance, if an article is titled, “6 Tips to Save Money on Health Insurance”, the meta description beneath the headline and link may read, “Looking to save money on health insurance? Find out today what an industry expert has to say about total wellness on a tight budget.”


The headline, meta description, and content body are incomplete without their keywords. That is why it is the very first step in creating content that gets clicked. They keywords are chosen based on what people are searching for. For instance, if one wants to appear higher in search when someone searches for a brewery in Des Moines, those words should appear in the headline, meta description, and content.

However, every copywriter is mindful of how often they use their keywords. Google’s algorithm can actually knock a page down further in rank if it is clear they are stuffing their copy with keywords. After all, the content itself is what matters most.


A page stuffed with keywords is less likely to be sharing value with the reader. Ultimately, Google wants to provide the biggest benefit to the searcher, not the website that attempts to game the system.

Content should therefore be instructive and/or informative. It solves problems, speaks to a specific audience, and is posted to a website regularly. The algorithm likes sites that refresh their content consistently. The copy must also be relevant to the keyword and headline used.


Including links is another way for SEO copywriting services to prove to Google that they have something of real value to offer a visitor. Linking to authority sources demonstrates that more value is being offered, and that the content covers a topic there is trustworthy, available knowledge on.

The importance of links does not end there. If a site regularly publishes great content, other sites will link their pages in their copy. Getting backlinked is a surefire way to prove authority and end up higher in search results.

In Summary

The evolution of SEO is what provokes brands and businesses to look to professionals for content creation. In addition to being solid writers, SEO copywriters concentrate on staying up to date with SEO best practices.

Every good copywriter will use the basic elements of SEO in their work. This includes keywords, headlines, meta descriptions, links, and useful content. If quality content is consistently produced over time, that site can build a true authoritative reputation. Google will reward them with a higher rank in results.

Content marketing is all about visibility and share-ability. With SEO copywriting services, useful information that appears in results will be seen. Great content front-loaded with the best possible headline will want to be shared. This makes SEO the leading way to enjoy success in content marketing.