Content writing for agencies is a must for 2020. With virtually every brand and business going virtual, many digital marketing agencies, content marketers, and firms that sell website packages are flush with assignments. Yet they are always chasing down that one extra ingredient to satisfy clientele: written content. Content writing for agencies forces businesses to choose between freelancers, an in-house writing staff, or a dedicated writing service.

Is this the most challenging decision they face right now, or is the choice clear? Here are the advantages that come from partnering up with a writing agency.

Reduced costs.

An in-house writing team will require space in an office for their work. Even if working remotely, there are still administrative considerations, such as payroll and tax form processing, in addition to wages, benefits, and HR. All of this is fine if an agency has money to burn, but even a highly successful firm would do well to be more cost-conscious.

When a service is contacted for content writing for agencies, the financial implications are straightforward. The agency is paying for content, and that’s it. There’s no additional overhead, be it office supplies or insurance, eating into the budget.

Fewer hiring headaches.

Before administration costs even become a factor, hiring an in-house team requires a sizable time investment. Positions must be advertised, resumes reviewed, and interviews held. When searching for independent contractors online in freelancer “marketplaces”, finding the best writer is even trickier. Requested rates may vary wildly, desirable candidates may not respond to inquiries, and more.

Hiring a writing service comes with precisely none of these hassles. All a marketing agency would need to do is select a writing service with a reputation they can trust. The writing agency is responsible for its pool of writers and has already vetted and tested their applicants for aptitude and experience.

Deadlines met.

How often does the amount of work needed change? For digital marketers and website content creators, each day is different. In fact, circumstances can shift hour to hour. What is an agency to do when their content needs for the week increased by a substantial percentage?

If an in-house writing team planned on turning in 30 pieces this week, it’s not certain that they’ll be able to produce 50 instead. But when a service handles content writing for agencies, there’s a greater likelihood that requested deadlines will be met. It’s perfectly reasonable to anticipate that an entire agency dedicated solely to writing can submit on a much faster schedule.

Editing included. 

Every writer, no matter how experienced or skilled, requires an editor. Editors correct for spelling and grammar, but they also clean up many other areas of a document. They can monitor tense, swap out overused words, and break up overlong sentences for readability.

How to best handle the editing side of each piece of content? If a freelancer has written it, it is probably safest to then take the work to a freelance editor, since the writer is not in the best position to be critical of the piece. If building an in-house team, that’s an additional pair of shoes to fill. With a writing service, editing is just part of the process. The work is already cleaned up before final submission to the agency.

Up to standard.

What does an agency do when a writer turns in work that was delivered not as discussed and is missing some key editorial criteria? Negotiate a revision? Start over from scratch? Publish it anyway and hope for the best?

When writing is entrusted to a partnering agency, none of the above is an option. That’s because account managers oversee the work, and ensure that what was promised is what is delivered. A digital marketing agency no longer has to work to remain up to date and on top of numerous assignments; their content agency provides a level of accountability one will never get from the average freelancer.

The industry connection.

Marketing agencies have to deliver results to businesses in all types of industries. One day it’s a local plumber, the next an international clothing brand, and everything in between. Here is where the decision on who to trust with content writing for agencies becomes more obvious.

For example, outsourcing to one or two freelancers drastically limits the existing knowledge available. Extensive research may be necessary, and time is money. The same conditions apply for an in-house team, who might have some inside knowledge on the client’s business, but limited experience in writing for the topic.

Writing agencies, on the other hand, employ a diverse team of writers. Choose a reputable one, and there will be a writer on hand that has at least some familiarity with the industry the topic pertains to. That means the resulting work will be worth more to the audience it reaches.

Resources when needed.

Slumps and slowdowns are common in every industry, even content and digital marketing. It is not advisable to pay for a full in-house team of writers, editors, and SEO specialists when there is not a satisfactory amount of work to justify their presence.

So, what is the correct answer in this case – lay some of them off? The hiring process – with all of its associated expenses – begins all over again when business picks back up. With a writing agency, the partnership is flexible. Agencies can scale back on orders when business thins out, or halt production altogether. There’s never any issue with resuming work or increasing volume when conditions call for it.

Winner: A Service Specializing in Content Writing for Agencies

When formulating a content strategy, one critical area is establishing who will be writing the content. Any agency who wishes to be successful in this area should expect the following from their content writing solution:

  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Skill/expertise
  • Low to no overhead
  • Experience
  • Accountability
  • Availability

The above seven qualities are difficult to identify in a freelancer and impossible to derive from an in-house team, where overhead is a promise. However, they are all readily available with an established writing service. It’s easy to see why agencies everywhere are branching out for fast, error-free, fully optimized content through a writing service.