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5 Interior Design Trends You Should Leave Behind


Design trends are plentiful, and while some last for generations, some are better when consumed in small doses. There are some design trends that should be left behind, and as you move forward, you might want to leave behind the trends listed below. While none of these design elements are bad in and of themselves, they’re better used as the sprinkle on top of your design plan, not as the main ingredient.

1. Brass, Brass, and More Brass


Brass is classic and beautiful, and if you choose to include it throughout your home in select places it’s not a terrible idea. However, 2016 was the year of the brass explosion, and it was overdone to the hilt. Covering a living room in brass decor or drowning your kitchen in brass fixtures does not a classic look make. If your home is covered in brass, it might be time to purge some of the excesses.


2. Hanging Industrial Bulbs


Perhaps this trend was so overused by the restaurant industry that it became faux pas, but the Edison bulb is dwindling in popularity. Outdoor lighting can still be done tastefully, but you might want to consider something like Murano glass chandeliers or retro lighting that expresses your style and personality.

3. Clinical Absence of Color


Oh, the pure white room. It was the height of fashion for a while, but it’s fading away, and that might be a good thing. Navy is the new white in the fashion world, and colorful accents are making headway as one of the top interior design trends of the future. Adding some of these elements to any room that’s just a bit too pristine might help you freshen up your design and move forward.


4. Indigo Needs to Go


There’s nothing wrong with the hue itself. In fact, playing around with hand-dyed indigo accents and imperfect variations of the color is a great way to add variety to your home. However, the pure indigo that drenched home decor magazines for so many years is finally starting to fade. You can still use indigo as an accent color, but don’t overdo it.

5. DIY Overkill


There’s nothing wrong with making some mason light lanterns on a rainy day. However, if your entire home is drenched in DIY and your living room looks like you’re a craft project developer, you might want to scale back. Getting rid of some of those DIY-Esque items can help liven up your decor in no time.


Bonus Tip: Don’t Fall Victim to Trends


If you love indigo and you think Edison lights are the best thing since damask print, that’s fine. Never sacrifice something that lights you up just because interior design trends are changing. However, if you’re only stringing those lights or removing your kitchen of color because of these trends, you can let go of them. Design trends are changing, and getting rid of the ghosts of fashion past can help you freshen up your space and make room for new ideas and aesthetics.