Businesses rely on a professional copywriting service to handle much more than simple copy.

Delegation has become a buzzy topic amongst the highly motivated business set, with outsourcing becoming the norm. But where and how do people outsource? Are the benefits worth the trouble of locating and working with an independent, remote worker? The answer to nearly every concern is an agency.

These services typically offer much more than just copy; there’s SEO, visuals, editing, and more, all in a wide variety of formats. Here are a few familiar difficulties professional copywriters solve.

The team is experiencing burnout.

It is a common problem for startups and self-run businesses. They fly out of the gate with what they believe is the perfect content strategy. Sure enough, it does seem to work – for the first few months. However, a lot of the content is beginning to sound familiar. Has this brand become a broken record?

This issue does not come down to a lack of skill or work ethic. Rather, it is more about time and perspective. Whoever is creating the copy usually has other hats to wear. When they go to write copy, with a litany of other tasks swirling in their heads, they subconsciously enter a “default” state. They begin, more or less, saying what they may already have said before.

This is because there isn’t enough time to explore another perspective. Their perspective, portions of the brand identity they have created, are easy to access. Over time, this can feel old and dry.

Small business solutions.

Consider the boutique stationery company that had just this problem. The person on the small team was performing outreach, formulating strategy, and also lending a hand with packing. Additionally, they ended up as the company blogger and social media manager.

Until they hired a professional copywriting service. The team member has a much better time coordinating packing and introducing the brand to new buyers. They have even made some pretty impressive strides in optimizing the content strategy.

They have the time to be great at their other roles because a professional copywriter is handling written content for the blog and on social media. Their service even includes high-quality images.

Best of all, the written content is no longer struggling to break through. It sounds fresh and more attuned to the company’s audience. Sales are on the rise thanks to the new perspective and additional SEO.


There are no real writers (or editors) on this team.

Everyone misspells a word sometimes. Autocorrect sometimes does not alert to a typo, for whatever reason. Even English majors get words and references mixed up. What’s the big deal? It is just part of being human.

Humans can also get things just right, provided they have space and skill set. Getting it right matters in web copy for some very important reasons. First, there is the audience. They do not consider someone who cannot spell “occasion” an authority on party planning. Even if it was just a slip of the finger.

Google’s algorithm is not fond of unedited copy, either. Typos, misspellings, and unnatural language look just as suspect to search engines as they do discerning readers.


Planned success.

That event planner is worthy of the business they get. They could get even more if they did more online marketing, including written content. The solution should never be simply slapping text onto a page. Those who plan parties, plan parties. Those who write, write.

A professional copywriting service is the real hero here. The writer the company was paired with has plenty of experience as a wedding blogger, and even handled event planning at a corporate position they held in the past. Now, they are fully dedicated to creating error-free, topic-smart copy for a small business who needs it.

That copy will be edited and double-checked before it is submitted to the event planning company. They never have to worry that their reputation or authority will come into question thanks to a lazy post.

In fact, they’re now quickly becoming the top event planner in their region.


This copy is not persuasive. 

Yes, SEO is incredibly important in copywriting. The entire point of SEO, however, is to raise that site in search rank so that people see it and click on it. This will not pan out profitably if tactics and emulation outrank usefulness and value.

One business manager has been reading about SEO from a specific source. They know straight away that from now on, it’s all about SEO. They obsess over keywords, headlines, and links. Once that page hops up in rank, everyone will click. They will see all of the great services the company provides and buying will be a no-brainer.

Except it did not turn out that way. After a few months, the page did move forward a bit. But the clicks never really went anywhere; sales are exactly where they were before the SEO switchover.

Enter the professional copywriting service. Professional copywriters understand the importance of SEO and use it consistently. However, they also understand that a click is only a click unless the visitor sees something worth sticking around for.


A more effective call to action.

Now, the business receives optimized copy with something more – value. The business’s services are not merely presented; the value of such a service is made clear. This is done without sounding stilted, thanks to misguided SEO efforts, and without sounding like an advertisement. Visitors, click, read, and learn on their own how a service may be useful to their lives.

The climb in rank is slow and steady, but the additional clicks are finally paying off. People spend more time on the page, and some end up taking advantage of that call to action.

Soon, the business is ready to position themselves as an authority in a few niche areas, and there’s no telling where this upcoming growth spurt will take them.

Common Denominator: The Professional Copywriting Service

Businesses large and small struggle with creating just the right copy. Digital is the way to market today, and the written word factors in heavily. Many of their most pressing problems – time, expertise, balance, and perspective – are alleviated with the help of a professional copywriter.