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Making Money During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How do I make money during the crisis?

The COVID-19 pandemic has basically shut down the world.

In most states in the United States, there are mandatory lock-downs. Only essential businesses are cleared to remain open. Businesses such as grocery stores and hospitals, waste removal, emergency crews, healthcare workers, etc.

When it comes to local businesses that rely on foot traffic for revenue, such as restaurants, hardware stores, and hundreds of others – they are closed. Sales have simply stopped. Layoffs are happening by the thousands across the nation.

What are you going to do to keep money coming in during these difficult and scary times?

Well, there is one venue that still sees millions each day – the internet.

The internet isn’t shut down, millions still gather, and purchases are still being made. In fact, internet sales are through the roof right now.

So, how can your company, or yourself personally, benefit from this internet sales boom?

Simple: Start selling online.


For Business Owners: Take Your Business Digital

If you have a brick-and-mortar business that is currently shut down or severely limited in its operations, now is the time to take your operations digital.


Make Money as a Restaurant During COVID-19

For Restaurant Owners

Let me give you an example; If you own a restaurant, but you cannot sell food in your establishment, sell to your patrons at home!

So, you may be thinking, “But I don’t have any delivery drivers. We simply don’t deliver.” Then you would be thinking in a box that you need to get out of – and fast.

You have a choice. Close down and layoff your employees, or keep them working by turning them into delivery drivers. They keep working, they keep making money through tips and base pay. You keep making sales and keeping your business going.

Simply take your menu digital and create blog posts and even a website (if you don’t already have one) and optimize your content for local search.


For Hardware Store Owners

The exact thing as mentioned above. This literally works for virtually any business on earth, big or small.
Turn your cashiers into drivers, your stock persons into drivers, your janitors into drivers!


Living Life durig COVID-19

How It Works In the Real World

Get this, it honest to God is not as hard as it sounds. Plumbers fit faulty pipes through repurposing. Repurposing household items is a DIY dream project. Repurposing is a recycler enthusiast’s life mission.
Repurpose your business model. Plain and simple.

Are you a florist? Deliver.

Are you a butcher? Deliver.

Are you a barber? Deliver.

Are you a manicurist? Deliver.

Are you a pool accessory store, a tax preparer, a gym, etc.? Deliver.

The concept is not new nor should it seem foreign or difficult. Repurpose your business model for delivery.



Q & A

Q: But if I’m a gym owner, how do I deliver during COVID-19 lockdowns?

A: Have your clients set an appointment and you take some weights to their house. Stay 6-feet apart. Deliver the EXACT same results they would get in your gym (or maybe better). Your clients are stuck at home. Spray down your equipment in their yard with cleaner, use handwash, and have them come out to their yard.
You have staff. Utilize them.

Q: What if my cashier isn’t fluent in mechanics?

A: Have your mechanics tell them what the part is they are delivering. Get creative.

Q: What if I’m a salon?

A: Use safety precautions, wear a mask and gloves, bring the chair with you, do it outside. Do what you do while using common sense. Nothing else is needed.


Staying Safe During COVID-19

What if I Support the Lockdown Orders and Feel Delivering Is Still Dangerous?

If you feel like the orders are for you, please, obey them.

Here is the truth.

Many people are worried and are right to be. The last thing we want is to spread infection, however, people still need to make a living and people still need products and services. This didn’t stop.

If you want to stay home, by all means, please stay home. You do what you feel is best for you and your family. Your choice matters.

If you do not want others around you, then do not let them.

Make the right decisions for yourself.

If you feel the orders to not let others around you are best, then stay home and continue to not let others around you and do not go around others.

If you would like to continue to make an income, do so, at your own discretion. If others do not want you to approach them, do not.


In Closing

If you own a business and have employees, consider your service. Repurpose what you do, how you meet demand with supply, and how you choose and how your employees CHOOSE to proceed.

But you do not have to go under if you are able to thrive. And do not let this crisis force you to lose your business, your job, or your livelihood when there are alternatives.