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Few startups could survive in today’s competitive market without an online presence. While the average founder is typically – and rightfully – considered a Jack of All Trades, the best among them knows how to delegate. That’s just one reason to look into article writers for hire; there are several more compelling reasons to outsource quality articles.

Objectivity highlights the best of business.

Every founder knows why their business stands out. They can present a solid mission statement to any potential investor or client on the spot. However, it is not unusual for a founder, CEO, or anyone else close to the business to become too focused on specific areas.

When a professional article writer comes in, they bring a fresh perspective. While researching the relevant industry and the company they are writing for, points of great interest to the audience will inevitably jump out at them.

In fact, the content a third party comes up with can help refine the company’s goals, unearth previously unseen opportunities, and unlock ideas that inspire future content. With article writers for hire, tired old pitch scripts become a constant flow of new, exciting information.

Article writers for hire are trend-watchers.

Everyone cannot go viral at once. That’s why businesses leverage other viral phenomenons by presenting it to their audience in a way that lines up with their product or service. This takes work, as one must have their finger on the pulse at all times and be prepared to draw the link to any given business.

This is precisely what many professional writers are best at. They know what’s generating enough buzz to be on the verge of trending, as well as what’s trending right now. Successfully incorporating trending topics is one of the top secrets of expanding an audience.

Writers keep a watchful eye on SEO. 

Why create articles, white papers, blogs, or eBooks? The reasons are many, but the overarching purpose is to net an audience. Decent search rank is the primary way to achieve that. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a top priority for writers of online content.

Some SEO occurs on the technical side, but there are many techniques a writer will employ within a piece that make it more palatable to search engines. These include length variation, keywords and phrases, excellent grammar, readability, and much more.

Articles build credibility and authority.

Anyone can put a collection of words on a page. However, quality content serves the audience and the search rank. Well-crafted content makes it clear that the business presenting it is an authority on the topic.

This is particularly significant concerning startups. While an audience may be attracted to the idea of something new and innovative, they also want to be able to trust in what they’re reading, to learn something that adds value to their lives.

Captivate with consistency.

This point also serves those two biggest considerations, the audience and search engines. First, a website should feature fresh content regularly, as updated pages typically place higher in search results. Second, a visitor will never become an audience member if they visit a few times and promptly leave when they discover there’s nothing new to see.  

Not to mention, the demands of running a startup successfully mean that content creation can rapidly become inconsistent. Article writers for hire have no trouble operating on a schedule, generating content in advance for strategic release everyone can rely on.

Accomplish more every day.

There isn’t a single business owner who would not benefit from more available hours, especially in those early days, when everything is still in liftoff mode. Outsourcing article writing makes it possible to increase personal productivity.

What about when the desire for increased productivity erases personal time and puts one at risk of burnout? This is another area where a professional writer can save the day. Because content is their entire focus, it eases the burden of responsibility on those already working hard in-house. Stress management is essential to consistency and longevity in business.

Hiring a writer boosts sales and social engagement.

Hiring someone to write articles can have an enormously positive impact on struggling social media efforts. Sharing headlines that provoke a click, making that click worth the visitor’s time with quality and authority, and consistently posting links to new content are all powerful ways to engage. It can be hit or miss when one individual with various responsibilities has to cover all bases. In this case, the professional writer ramps up engagement without ever touching social media profiles.

Then, there’s the clear advantage when it comes to sales. While an article’s objective is to inform, there are plenty of chances to provide information that ends up persuading the reader to work with or purchase from the company.

What makes an article high quality?

Finally, before pursuing article writers for hire, it’s important to understand what quality writing looks like. This way, any CEO, founder, or manager can select the right person for the job. For the unfamiliar, assessing quality can be tricky. These basic criteria make it easier.


  • Compelling headlines. It all begins with a headline that’s interesting to anyone that finds the niche relevant to them. This doesn’t take great skill or experience to identify – everyone knows an interesting headline when they see it.
  • Credible. The article is created using trustworthy sources and avoids making over-the-top claims and unreasonable guarantees. It is not based on conjecture.
  • Arrives at a point quickly. Readers like to be left hanging when they’re consuming a novel, not an article. Clearly delineated points readers do not need to hunt or fight for is best.
  • There are solutions and/or actionable advice. The reader should step away believing they have the solution or answer to a question. If not, they should receive information they can act on. Both would be optimal.
  • The basic tenets of good writing are present. This is simple. The copy should be free of typographical errors, include proper grammar, and be written by a native speaker of the language. Neglecting this foundation destroys authority and trust.

In Closing

If you are looking for professional article writers for hire, sign up today and place an instant order or to get a quote for a subscription or enterprise order, or you can contact us for more information. We provide a unique service that is hands-free, providing publisher-friendly articles that come fully optimized, fully edited, and written according to your criteria and our high-quality standards.