How to write content that kicks serious ass is one of the most asked questions online. While the question seems straight forward, it suggests a more complex and critical need. The need for quality content is universal when it comes to anyone who owns or curates a website. Whether you are a home blogger or a global corporation, if your content is not valuable and in-depth, you probably will not be achieving your desired goal. In other words, if your content does not kick ass, you won’t be making any sales. No. Not today.


Because regardless of your business or who your audience is, people expect quality and value. Even if you sell an awesome product and have the most glorious images, each will amount to very little value without a quality description explaining the value proposition of the product in question.

Simply put, most people want to know how to write great content because they understand its importance when it comes to search engine rankings and what site visitors expect.

So, how do you write content that kicks ass?

Writing Quality Content That Kicks Ass


Know Your Subject

Writing quality content begins with the subject matter. You must know it inside and out. Believe me, there is much, much more to it, but Blog Writing Topicsit’s a start.

Knowing your subject as thoroughly as needed in order to write about it means being an expert. If you sell flowers, you should know about even the most obscure topics such as Purple Lady Slippers, or Cypripedium calceolus, which can found throughout Europe and even Siberia, and grows in predominantly calcareous soils. This is just an example, but you get my point.


Know Your Audience

Knowing who your audience is will ultimately make or break your entire campaign. It doesn’t matter what you do, if you don’t understand who your audience is, you will fail – big time.

Now, when I say know your audience, I don’t mean the obvious. For example, if you sell video games, thinking your audience must be teens would be a huge mistake. The demographics for video game purchases are very much different. In fact, the average age for a male who plays video games is 35. The average age for female video game players is 44. Bet you didn’t know that! The average “frequent” purchaser of video games is actually 38 years old.

The point? Know your audience. What you don’t know will definitely harm your business.


Know Your Keywords

Now here’s a big one. It’s also a hotly debated one. Keyword usage is very much debated among many leading SEOs, because there are so many variables when it comes to usage versus outcome.

Some search engine optimization experts claim that using tools such as keyword planners are the key. However, as search engines, such as Google, evolves, so does the algorithm used that determines rankings. While keyword planner is a Google tool, it isn’t always the best when it comes to determining which keywords you should be using. Confused? You should be.


That’s right. Google doesn’t want you to understand their algorithm. They don’t want you to totally get it. Google officials have said that you should write naturally for your audience. They maintain that only that should be your drive, motivation, and goal. This is true. Well, to an extent.

While it’s true that you should forget the old adage of 3% density and so forth (even if Yoast uses a percentage scale for SEO score determination). These things really do not have bearing on your rankings. There are companies that rank on page 1 for keywords they do not even use once on their website.


Because they have been found to be relevant for the subject matter. The context. The point is to remain relevant to the subject matter. Stay on point and remain focused throughout your site. If you are going to rely on key-anything, focus on natural speech. Use phrases and sentences that people would naturally use for voice search. This is not only something that is coming into effect now, but is sure to lead the pack in SEO in the coming year.


Know How to Write

This one may be obvious, but too many website owners believe that no one could possibly know their niche as well as them. TheyKnow How to Write Blogs believe that only they could express their business know-how the way it needs to be.

They, would be… wrong.

For starters, if you are running your business, you should not be writing your own content. When you are too close to your own content, you will overlook several things:

  1. You will not see the errors (grammatical, spelling, etc.)
  2. You will forget that your audience may not be as savvy as you, and no, they don’t know what you are saying.
  3. You just may not be the writer you think you are.
  4. You are supposed to be paying attention to many other aspects of your business – you should not be focusing on your content strategy.

In any case, outsourcing your content is not a fad or a business trend. Companies and individuals all over the world are outsourcing their content needs because they understand the importance of having it professionally written by writers who, well, write for a living.

Outsourcing Your Content Needs

Some companies choose content marketplaces while others prefer in-house content writing services rather than having to learn how to write quality content on their own. The difference is pretty simple.

Content marketplaces have nothing to do with the quality of the content. They don’t do anything except play middleman between you and freelancers. These companies tout having thousands and thousands of writers. Some are impressed by these numbers. Others can’t seem to wrap their heads around how these companies can maintain any decent level of quality control. The fact is, they can’t. And they don’t claim to. At least they shouldn’t, anyway.

Freelancers are simply individuals who want to write for a living. Some are good, most are not. Content marketplaces do not vet these freelancers. They simply sign up and try to find work posted on an online messaging board. They are given a strict time limit or they work out a time limit with you. If you don’t like the work, you are welcome to keep searching.

Outsourcing Your BlogIn-house content writing services, like Textworkers, have dedicated employees. We can’t speak for other in-house writing services, but we have staff writers who are thoroughly vetted, have past success records, and have years of experience in SEO, branding, demographic research, and much more. We have experienced managers who oversee every piece of content. We even offer free unlimited revisions on every written project to ensure your satisfaction.

Our content writing services pricing is also the best online. We charge only $0.07 cents per word for blogs. We also offer volume discounts. But that’s just us. We can’t speak for everyone else.


Ensuring Quality

When it comes to answering the question, how to write quality content, the answer just may be more simple than you think: Unless you are a skilled and qualified writer that creates quality content for a living, maybe you should outsource your content needs. You can wing it, or learn through years of trial and error, or you can ensure quality by trusting your content to a highly-rated content writing service like Textworkers.


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