A Website’s Perceived Value

What is perceived value? Perceived value is centered on a specific element or elements, which affects whether something is perceived Not a Good Websiteas valuable or not.

For example, if you walk into a restaurant and the tables are dull, chipped, and worn, the paint on the walls is stained, faded, or chipping, and the menu is a small piece of flimsy paper – the food and drinks are going to be perceived as having very little value. You will not trust the safety and sanitation of the food. You will imagine that the food and drinks will most likely be sub par. More importantly, the price of the food is going to be expected to be priced very, very cheap.

However, if you walk into a restaurant that has beautifully sculpted tables, bright, colorful, and decorated walls, a bar area with blue florescent lighting which shines from just under the rim, and a laminated, framed menu – you would expect the food and drinks to be very expensive. You will also expect the food and drinks to be made by experts, and the taste to be exquisite.
A Good Website Design

Are you seeing where I’m going with this?

There might have been some things in that analogy you missed.

In both examples, the price was assumed before ever reading a menu. The flavor of the food and drinks are expected to taste a certain way. Even the experience and skill of the staff was assumed, even though you never even saw them. The surrounding elements of the venue created a perceived value of the products and service before they were ever even seen or experienced.

The Assumed Worth

How about worth? The worth of the two institutions are meant to cater to two very different target audiences. The first venue is targeted at those who just want to grab a quick, cheap bite to eat. This audience has little to spend, or are willing to spend a little bit on Assumed Worthwhat they want, and they do not care about nuance or being wooed.

The second venue is targeted towards those who are willing to spend more for a higher quality product. These individuals want to have a better quality of service and specialized products – in this instance, food. The establishment understands the needs and desires of their audience and caters to their needs. Their clientele knows what they want, are willing to pay more, and expect a better experience.

This is exactly what you need to keep in mind when you are developing your website.

Make Your Web Design a Priority

You need to know your audience. If you do not, or are not sure which demographic your product or service most appeals to, you are pretty much in the same boat as most business owners and entrepreneurs today. This is what demographic research is for, and leaving it to the professionals is how to handle this issue quickly and effectively. For example, DRC is one of the world’s leading demographic research companies, and they have an unparalleled track record for success. They have assisted numerous high-profile corporations find their audience, allowing them to focus their marketing efforts, and save time and money. In addition, if your focusing on your business blog, your blog writing service should also be skilled in demographic research so they better understand your audience.

You need to design a great looking website, while also having top quality content. The look of your website must also commensurateFocusing on Success with the needs and preferences of your target audience. It must be something that is appealing to your potential customers. Again, if you are not sure how to go about doing this, there are professional web design companies who do this kind of research for a living. In fact, Big Drop is a fantastic web design firm who assists in the market research aspect in order to ensure your website appeals directly to your target audience. They are one of the biggest and most trusted names in web design.

Now, the quality of your web content. This is absolutely one of the highest priorities when it comes to increasing your website’s value. Ensuring your blog section is regularly populated with valuable and engaging content is the quintessential highlight of a website today, ultimately dictating its success or failure. If blog content is what you are after, Textworkers offers a one-of-a-kind service for developing high-quality blog posts. Many content companies simply take your project and list it on an online task board. Textworkers has experienced and professional blog writers who understand your needs and offers SEO-rich, cost-effective content solutions for your business blog.

Your New, Increased Value

A Job Well DoneAfter these most important aspects of web development are met, you have undoubtedly increased your website’s value through a change in perceived value. When you make the choice to invest in your product or service, you are separating yourself from those who truly want to take their business model to the next level. You will only reap the rewards of your efforts when you place value on your ventures. Investing in your brand demonstrates your true willingness to achieve success.


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