How to Choose the Best Content Writing Service

When it comes to content writing services, it is imperative that you choose the company that serves your purposes best by providing value, efficiency, and the highest return on your content investment.


For starters, many content writing services are the same. Most are content marketplaces. These companies take your project, and post them on an open message board online for freelancers to “check out”. This may not be visible from the start, and other times, this information is not clear or glossed over. There are also a few in-house content writing services on the market. These companies are usually very expensive, and the results are varied.

This is because physical locations infer the cost of overhead into the price of their service. There is also the option of hiring a freelancer. This option is very risky. There are some very good writers on the market. However, being an individual, they are not liable for your dissatisfaction, and have little to lose.

Last, we will look at hybrids or non-physical content writing services. These companies are few and far between. They embody the best of a physical in-house content writing service, with the reach and diversity that only a remote workforce can provide. This allows for expertise and specialties across the board, without the worry of who is really writing your content.


Content Marketplaces

Content marketplaces are generally very popular and widely used. The results are mixed, however, when it comes to quality, originality, and timely service. This is because these places simply take your criteria, and post it on an online messaging board. At this point, it is placed among hundreds of other content projects. Next, a freelancer who has signed up with the company has the option of browsing, then checking out one of these projects. They are usually on a time limit. 5 hours to complete several pages is typical. In fact, most projects are split up. This way, a large project can be covered faster by having many different freelancers “check them out”.

The Skinny – Most companies use these services without fully understanding how their system actually works. Most would not be comfortable having their content simply placed on a messaging board to be checked out by an individual who merely signed up to be a writer. Even the testing process, when there is one, is very simple and basic. Freelancers basically only have to prove they speak fluent English.

On another note, most companies are looking for a singular unified voice. They want their brand to be recognizable by its unique tone. This is just not possible when several freelancers from all over the world are writing each section, especially with no collaboration. These companies are usually cheap, but the content reflects the price tag.


Physical In-House Content Writing Services

Physical in-house services are usually the most expensive of all the content services. Although the quality is generally higher than content marketplaces, results can still be mixed. The reason for this is because the writers must be local. Not all physical in-house companies are located in major cities where talent is diversified. In addition, these companies work traditional business hours.

Typically, this means they are open from 9 am to 5 pm. This also means that your content is only being written during these times. Last, but not least, is the cost. Because physical in-house writing agencies are, well, physical in location – the costs associated with their overhead is passed on to the client.

The Skinny – Most companies are looking for a fast turnaround on their content. This is next to impossible with most physical in-house services. In addition, many of these in-house services are not diversified enough to specialize in numerous areas of business. They are simply too limited in their expertise due to having a physical location. This is not to say that some of these companies cannot provide high quality, it’s just that they cannot provide the same level of quality across the board.


Freelance Writers

Freelancers are becoming more and more popular because many charge very little for their services. They are considered a disposable service. 9 times out of 10 the quality will be poor, but they can simply be discarded. At this point, the search can continue. The plus side is that there are many if you know where to find them. The downside is that just about anybody can apply for the content writing position.

They can say anything and lie about experience and past jobs. Because they are not affiliated with a company, or even a legal business entity, they do not have to adhere to any moral, ethical, or even some legal standards when it comes to business practices. Not all will do this of course, but the effort put into tracking down quality content writers may turn out to be more costly than just hiring a service.

The Skinny – Nowadays, freelancers are a dime-a-dozen. The freelance market is dominated by native middle eastern and Asian writers, homemakers, students, and those who simply cannot gain employment anywhere else. Now some of these individuals are extremely talented and possibly should be a part of a large writing firm. However, you are more than likely going to hire someone who enjoys writing, but is not a professional. Those are simply the odds, based on the sheer amount of freelancers joining the market each day. The odds of finding a freelancer that has the skill level needed to provide you with the quality you need is akin to finding a diamond in the rough. It’s not impossible, but you’ll likely have to do a lot of digging before you find that jewel.

Another thing to note is the price point to value ratio. Value is point of return on your content investment, meaning, if your content is quality and provides value for its readers, you stand a higher chance of receiving a larger return on your investment. If the content is run-of-the-mill, your chances of seeing a return dwindles. This content will also provide no value when it comes to ranking. It has no SEO value. Google only ranks content that is of the highest quality, as per the Panda and Penguin filters.


Non-Physical In-House Content Writing Services 

Hybrids, non-physical in-house content writing services, or virtual in-house content writing services, are the newest form of content company. These establishments are able to provide expertise across the board because their writing pool is highly diversified. This diversification is not limited to those who walk through the door with a writer’s application. They are able to privately contract only those who have proven backgrounds in numerous industries. These individuals hail from all over the United States and are experts in their respective fields.

The Skinny – These non-physical in-house content writing services are not limited by traditional working hours, as it is with standard physical in-house writing services. Today, as thousands of companies are quickly learning, outsourcing certain departmental functions allows for greater diversification, greater efficiency, and borders the sustainability of digital automation.

Having the ability to produce valuable content around the clock is worth its weight in gold. It not only allows for a greater influx of high-value content; it continues by offering a reduction in payroll. This is because these services do not charge hourly, but predetermined fixed rates.

These non-physical content writing services promote workplace efficiency in the companies that contract their services by freeing up their in-house departmental functions. This allows for an organic reduction in workplace costs that extend beyond payroll. These companies do not need to provide insurance for the workers of these non-physical in-house content services. They do not need to cover the costs of overhead, transportation, or electricity. They do not need to provide workstations, mechanical maintenance, or workstation technology such as laptops or desktops. They do not even need to provide technical support for these services.

Efficiency and cost savings are not the only plus to using these hybrid services; quality and time-savings round out the advantages. Because these hybrid services are considered in-house and remote workforce’s combined, they are able to provide writings virtually around the clock. They are also able to offer authoritative and precise writings that provide exceptional value because they are professional writers who hail from specific backgrounds. These backgrounds range from mechanics, engineering, medicine, fashion, travel, cooking, science, technology, marketing, SEO, branding, and much, much more.



In conclusion, talent can be hard to spot. When it comes to how to choose the best content writing service, some things are best left to the companies that specialize in content. When faced with the rising costs associated with maintaining an in-house content department within your company, this may be the time to make a change that will allow your company to shift with the changing technologies.

Remote workforce’s are the wave of the future, and the ripples are already forming today. Many companies are abandoning the old ways of maintaining their digital presence. They are joining others in ushering in a new era of digital automation by bringing back the human element. If you are considering contracting a hybrid, or non-physical in-house content writing service, to keep your company relevant during today’s rapidly changing digital climate; you are making a choice that will positively affect the future of your online standing.

By all means, welcome to the new age of business. Welcome to the future of competitive gains.

Welcome to today.


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