If you are like most businesses, you are active in your inbound and/or outbound marketing strategies. But are blogs one of them?

At this point, you may be wondering what blogs have to do with both inbound and outbound marketing. Honestly, they have everything to do with them. If you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, let me explain.

Why Blogs Over Articles

Unlike articles, blog posts are generally written in the first person and can be conversational or promotional, using opinion, sales speech, and calls to action. This makes them ideal for marketing and can fit seamlessly with numerous methods and strategies.

Learn how to use your blog as an effective marketing tool.

In addition to providing a gateway to cost-effective promotion, allowing potential customers to find you (inbound marketing), you may also leverage your blog subscribers, forming an email list (outbound marketing).

Your New Outbound Marketing Platform

This email list becomes your outbound marketing platform. But this platform hinges on your blogs. Every time you upload a blog post, your subscribers need to be alerted. You can alert them through a newsletter or a simple email alert, whichever works best for your business model. At this point, you are driving traffic back to your website.

Many choose to send this email alert to their subscribers along with a special promotion or a limited time offer. Others, however, choose something perhaps a little more subtle, like a sidebar on their blog that promotes their products or services, ensuring they are easily accessible and even better, clearly visible.

By providing visibility and easy access to your products or services, you are vastly increasing your chances of turning blog readers into paying customers. Remember, this all hinges on the quality of the information your blogs possess. That is why it is of the utmost importance to ensure your readers are being offered value through your blog content.

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Perfect Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Back to inbound marketing for a moment. When blogs are optimized, they stand a better chance of ranking higher, getting more backlinks, and receiving major exposure. They are also perfect for growing and engaging your social media followers, broadening your range of traffic from search engines to social platforms, as well. You are now effectively and vastly increasing your potential customer pool.

Keep in mind that for every 1 blog post you publish, you are essentially placing a lure that is targeted toward your perfect audience. This allows them to find you, instead of you finding them. This is, at its core, the definition of inbound marketing.

As a side note, optimizing your social media platforms to ensure the potential to convert your followers into paying customers is vital for maximizing the effectiveness of this process. We’ll cover how to do this in another post, so be sure to look out for that.



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