On the surface, press releases seem easy to make. First, a compelling headline. Next, a body of copy giving information capped off by a way to contact the source. The trouble is, a lot of readers do not continue beyond the headline. That is the chief reason why companies seek out press release writers for hire.

Continue reading to discover what makes press release writers different, and why brands might begin issuing more press releases.

The Press Release Writer’s Purpose

A press release spreads the word. When a brand or company has an event coming up, has changed management/ownership, or has hit a big milestone, they will issue the release as a statement to explain what has occurred.

A company may believe that their happenings do not warrant a release, but there are many reasons to use press releases:

  • Gaining an important customer people would recognize
  • Getting a mention in a major publication
  • Updating the packaging on a popular item
  • Moving physical locations
  • Starting a fundraiser or other charitable effort
  • Training employees on issues of social importance
  • Awards, special conferences, and other types of industry recognition

To effectively communicate all of the above, press release writers have a few additional talents that set them apart from other copywriters. For starters, they convey a lot of information in as few words as possible. They are experienced in using a tone similar to that of a journalist, and they know which details are most important to include.

Perhaps more than anything, press release writers also know how to frame the news. Beginning with an eye-catching headline, they work with the details given to create a release that can shift the reader’s entire perception of the brand.

How Press Release Writers for Hire Can Help

Here are a few examples illustrating how a press release can be beneficial to a range of businesses in unique situations.

The Event: An online retail website offers products that are in high demand, but their customer service has tarnished their reputation. Their social media pages are littered with comments from customers who never received a response from representatives and could not arrange refunds or returns.

The Press Release: A press release is issued announcing a new customer service initiative, including the expansion and retraining of their current customer service team. The details are laid out plainly in the release, right alongside news of a limited-time Customer Appreciation Sale. Return customers will be offered a slightly higher discount than new customers for the duration of the sale.

When the release is posted on social media, customer service representatives can begin replying to commenters right away. This lets anyone who comes across it see the new initiative in action themselves.

The Event: A family restaurant was voted the best in the area by their local newspaper. Still, they worry about surviving through the year. Despite being located near a popular tourist area, they are not getting the traffic their loyal customer base swears they deserve. They do not have much of a marketing budget to speak of.

The Press Release: A press release link, with visible headline and photo, is relayed via shared post or comment on pages for attractions in the tourist area. The headline proclaims it the #1 Family Restaurant in that town or region. It reveals the news about the restaurant’s award and feature in the local newspaper.

The owner is quoted, speaking about a new menu item or special that tourists would want to try. When people planning trips to that area visit the attraction’s profiles, they also happen to learn what the number one restaurant in the area is.

The Event: A founding partner of a company has years of experience in their field. However, their most recent venture has a lot of competition. Their competitors also feature founders with experience, and they are not sure how they can make their expertise seem more valuable to potential clients.

The Press Release: With the help of press release writers for hire, the company issues a release detailing the founder’s exceptional experience in the industry. They unveil plans for the founder to begin offering corporate talks and conference appearances. They invite interested parties to begin booking them now, as availability is limited.

This automatically elevates the founder’s reputation as an expert. Each subsequent talk they give is covered by another press release.

The Event: A blogger with a large following recently published a post that garnered some negative attention. They unwittingly said something insensitive that people are now debating in their comment section, as well as on social media sites. The blogger has apologized, but the apology did not get the amount of attention that the unfortunate remark received.  

The Press Release: A press release posted on social media describes a new fundraiser that the blogger is organizing. The proceeds will benefit a demographic that could have potentially been offended by the remark. The remark itself is not mentioned, nor is any discussion of the debate that ensued.

However, the press release does highlight why the fundraiser is needed, using statistics and facts to raise awareness.

Press Releases for Every Business, Every Reader

The usage and distribution of press releases have changed over time. Not so long ago, members of the press would be the only group of people to receive them. The hope was that the journalist would read the release and cover the story.

Today, businesses can distribute them online via a website or social media. They can even get them published on news sites without an intermediary. Therefore, more businesses issue more press releases. They are ideal for repairing a reputation, raising brand awareness, and promoting special events and sales.

The increase in press releases has meant a markedly higher demand for press release writers. To that end, writing services have been obtaining more press release writers for hire. If clients who order web content uncover the need for a press release, the agency has the available staff with the right expertise.