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Working with Textworkers is easy. We are the only content writing service that offers a completely hands-free experience via a dedicated account manager at no cost. 


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How does your service work?

Textworkers offers a unique business model that provides efficient, hassle-free content development for enterprises and marketing agencies.

With Textworkers, you do not post jobs, interview and hire writers, or manage your content’s development process.

You are assigned a dedicated account manager who oversees every aspect of your content’s production, including:

  • Initial planning
  • Writing team selection
  • Quality control
  • Editing
  • Final Delivery

Your account manager will work with you hand-in-hand during initial planning. He or she will then select the best writing team for each project based on your industry and content objectives. Your account manager will perform strict oversight to ensure quality control. Upon completion, he or she will transfer your content to our editing team to ensure all criteria points and objectives were met. Finally, your fully edited content will be delivered to you for review and approval.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. You can fill out our contact form or email us with your criteria and order details. You can be as specific as you’d like in your initial inquiry. You can also upload a brief, if you prefer.

Once your inquiry is reviewed, typically in just a few hours, you will be contacted by one of our account managers via phone or email to discuss your project in-depth and to review pricing and delivery schedules.

Once an agreement has been reached, an electronic invoice and contract will be sent to you, your accounts receivable dept., or preferred representative. 

When the contract is signed by both parties and the payment schedule finalized, development of your content will typically begin within the same business week.


What information do you need from me?

To develop the best content possible, the more information you provide, the better.

Typically, clients will provide us with a brief that outlines the scope of the project.

Briefs should contain:

  • An outline of the project
  • The number of articles, websites, or product descriptions needed
  • The approximate word counts per page or description.
  • The objective of the content, such as conversions, SEO, customer education, sales, etc.
  • Your company style guide, if available or needed
  • Links to any sources you would like your content to compare to, such as competitor sites, etc.
  • Any information you feel our writers need to have that will assist them in understanding your expectations or will help them create your ideal content pieces.


How do payments work?

Once we have your brief and have a clear understanding of the breadth of the project, most importantly the number of pages, posts or descriptions as well as the total approximate word count for each, we will then have the required information needed to provide you with a quote.

All quotes are final. This means that if your content goes over in word count, you will not be charged any additional costs. The only time you will incur additional costs is if you decide to change the scope of the project by increasing the number of pages or word counts.

Electronic invoicing

Once you agree to a quote, we will send your company an electronic invoice for the full amount along with a signed service agreement. Once we agree to a payment schedule, your content will move to production right away.


To further streamline your content production, we offer retainers.

A retainer allows you to pay an upfront dollar amount. You can then place orders as you see fit. You are provided with a quote per order. The price for the order quoted is then deducted from your total retainer amount. Upon completion of each order, your content files are uploaded to your dashboard for your review along with your retainer totals.

This process provides you with complete transparency, easy auditing and efficient and simple bookkeeping.

Total retainer values are your choice. They can range from $5,000 to $500k+.


Learn more about our pricing structure and payment options.


“Fantastic work. Textworkers brought to light the value of our service and our offerings, helping us to maintain our subscriber base while creating new customers.”

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Cosette C.

Dish Network

We have the right tools


Our dashboard makes the whole process simple. From your dashboard you can request new quotes, satisfy invoices, review and approve content deliveries, and message your account manager directly. All files, messages and invoices are kept organized and easily accessible from your dashboard indefinitely for fully transparent record keeping.


You can also invite team members to share your dashboard for easy collaboration, file sharing, content reviews, and more. Your team members will not have access to quotes or invoices unless you allow it.

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