Trying to find the right SEO services can seem like a daunting task. Knowing what to look for and what you should be receiving can go a long way in making things a bit easier.

The Plight of the SEO Seeker

Some people, unfortunately, are sold on fancy wording and the promise of increased traffic. What are you actually getting from the SEO company? What do they offer? How do you know your site is actually benefiting from the services you are paying good money Looking for the Right Companyfor?

Most call the SEO Company periodically to ask these questions. Some just assume they are getting their money’s worth. Some even settle for the SEO Company’s “promise” of 30 guaranteed hours of work per month. But, how do you know? How can you be sure that you are really getting what you are paying for?

Not only that, but what does 30 hours get you? What if your sight needs more, or less? Do you get charged more or do you get a refund if it needed less work?

I know, I know. SEO gurus are out there right now grinding there teeth, saying, “It doesn’t work that way. It’s ongoing work.” And that’s my point. It’s ongoing, so in many cases there is no real way to gauge what is being done as opposed to what is getting you where. Confused yet? Just hang in there. we are just getting started.

Promises and Guarantees

Although many business owners are aware of the numerous benefits of good SEO, many are unaware that they have the right to be completely informed at all times. Many are unaware, or have forgotten the basic principles involved in paying for a service. When youSEO Workers Laughing at You pay your cable bill, you know you are receiving the service you were described every time you sit down and turn on your TV. When you pay your electric bill, you know you are receiving the service every time you turn on your lights. Why do so many fail to hold the same expectancy of their SEO service provider? In fact, what does, “30 hours of guaranteed work” really mean? Does it mean that when the clock strikes 30 hours, they shut down all work on your site – even if it isn’t complete?

Demand Transparency

This is nonsense. SEO service providers should always provide you with a comprehensive listing of all services you will be receiving, as well as what they have done. Not the same service listed several times, only rewritten in different ways. Each service should be described in detail, so you know the difference. Each service should explain the benefits you will receive. The promise of 30 hours of work is ridiculous. The job takes as long as it needs in order to perform all necessary services that you have paid for. How can any company predict how long it will take to complete services on YOUR website?

Knowing the Benefits 

SEO is not a “one size fits all” business. It is individual to each and every website. How do you know the work is being completed? Bi-What Services am I Receivingweekly comprehensive reporting. Photo copied proof. In depth explanations. Substantiated results. Reports should come to you, not the other way around. You should never have to ask or seek explanations. They should be delivered to you on a regular basis, so you never have to wonder what is being done. You should never have to ask how you are actually benefiting from a service you are paying for.

Honesty and Persistence

In today’s quest to rank on search engines like Google, many are scrambling to find the best SEO services around. Don’t buy into the price tag, fancy wording, or “promises” of ranking 1st place on page one. This is a lie. There is no magic number. There are no magic words. There is hard work, persistence, dedication, and investment. Link building should come naturally through guest blogging, social media, honest advertising, and backlinking from your business blog, etc. Keywords should be integrated into your web content, in the form of blogs naturally, organically, and where they best belong – by a true professional content writing service.

Uploading Organic Content to Your Website

Your content should be written in a way that assists your audience, not the search engine ranking system. The search engine should be given access in order to understand the context of your site, not just the keywords you use. These concepts, among others, shouldQuality Blog Content be understood and adhered to by your SEO Company and/or content writing service.

Following the guidelines of the search engines (not finding the loopholes), working within the confines of the system (not working around them), and catering to the needs of your audience (not attempting to trick the search engine algorithms) is the key to long-term SEO success for your website.


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