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A professional website content writer creates industry-specific content for an online audience. They can sell products, services, or just provide information. They perform work with intention, and can write in a range of styles.

Businesses Benefit from Better Web Content

Large firms and brands hire professional content writers all of the time. Yet the benefits of doing so are applicable to small businesses as well. Small businesses have to get more done with less help. They are also frequently competing with other local businesses.

With so much to do, and owners that are already filling multiple roles, more small businesses should be prepared to hand the writing reins over to a professional. Because content writers also have SEO knowledge, they can help them edge out the competition in local searches.

Keep reading to discover more than a dozen additional reasons why every business can benefit from a professional content writer.

15 Advantages of Hiring a Professional Website Content Writer

1. Become an authority.

Audiences don’t want to be told a business is an expert or an authority, they want to feel it for themselves. There are additional ways to demonstrate expertise, but online, it begins with informative written web content that tells the audience something they did not know.

2. Improve search engine rank.

Search engine optimization tactics are crucial in elevating search rank. Every site is competing to be top result for a whole host of keywords and phrases. A content writer keeps their eye on this at all times.

3. Keep the content flowing.

For those who want to establish a beneficial web presence, content consistency is key. Hiring a web content writer is great plan of action when a brand is dedicated to good SEO and building an audience.

4. Make better use of other platforms.

If content production is intermittent or misses the mark, there is not much of value to share on social media. When a professional content writer produces one piece of great content, it can spark an opportunity to boost engagement across all platforms the business uses.

5. No shortage of ideas.

Coming up with topics, content series ideas, and more can take just as much time as writing – if one is not used to it. Content writers have little trouble deciding what to write about, which saves even more time.

6. Make more sales.

Good content, whether it is on a landing page, in an email, or on a blog, can be very persuasive. A better web presence with the right language naturally increases sales.

7. Increase chances of quality backlinks.

When a brand posts great content, they are more likely to have links to their work posted on other articles and blogs. Getting backlinks is good for SEO, and very helpful for positioning a business as an authority.

8. Speak to the audience.

Businesses who do their own writing spend a lot of time talking about themselves, and not enough time talking to the audience. A professional website content writer is focused on speaking to the audience, which has positive impacts across the board.

9. Make a great first impression.

Whether they do so consciously or not, visitors are making many tiny little judgements the first time they process a website’s overall appearance. Loading speed and easy navigation are important, but so is content. Well-written content is just another way to keep a visitor online and enjoying a website.

10. Increase productivity at home.

Content writing can eat up dozens of hours per week, when businesses choose to stay in-house. With content covered by an outside professional, businesses are free to invest more time in strategizing, product improvement, and anything else that can take their company to the next level.

11. Build an identity.

It’s one thing to put a business online. It is another to give that business a real voice. A professional writer can provide a cohesive online identity that builds brand recognition. When brand recognition is good, people do not have to carefully consider and consume a brand. They see it, they know it, they trust it.

12. Grow your subscriber list.

Marketing emails can have more impact if more interested parties care to subscribe. Fresh, interesting content inspires people to keep tabs on a business. Once they do subscribe, the content writer can ensure clean, effective emails to keep generating clicks.

13. Tailor content amount to specific needs.

Content needs change all of the time. A retail business may require additional content during holiday seasons. A pool cleaning service might need less content over the winter. When they choose to enlist the help of a web content writing service, adjusting output is easy.

14. Be a mainstay.

Business begin blogging and promptly fall off all of the time. This does not serve the trust-building quotient essential to a dedicated audience. When a professional website content writer is present, there are fewer worries that the blog will go without an update for weeks on end.

15. Select the best.

Within the business, there’s a very limited pool of staff to pick from, and that is assuming that anyone there is a skilled writer. Experienced content writers of all specialties and backgrounds are available from content writing services. This way, brands get the writer who is perfect for the job, not just whomever is available.

Custom Content Does Heavy Lifting

For the average small business owner, a complete web presence that skyrockets sales and gains a huge audience sounds like a complex effort. The truth is, achieving this does not automatically require the services of an entire staff spending day and night online. This is what large companies used to do, before the value of quality written content became apparent.

Today, brands small and large alike need only hire a professional website content writer. They can keep content consistent, use the proper style for the audience, write on topics that people want to share on social media, increase search rank, and much more.

All told, it is an effective and much more streamlined way to take an online presence from virtually nonexistent, to a known contender.