When researching the competition, it’s common to scope out their content. The quality, creativity, and frequency with which they post can easily spark envy in the hearts of their competitors. Is getting high-quality content for your website or publication as easy as simply Google searching “copywriter near me”?

Not likely. And here’s why.

Copywriters perform specialized services. One is not “just as good” as another. Each have a specialty or area of expertise, differing levels of experience, and writing style. They each have their own level of performance, word count limits they are able to produce in a set time limit, and much, much more.

In light of these facts, here’s a rundown of what copywriters do, why it works, and how to find the right one for your business or agency.

What is a copywriter?

The world is full of copy. It’s on the flier in the mailbox, the tagline on a billboard, and on almost every single website one can visit. In many instances, the person who wrote each bit of copy is a copywriter.

How do they differ from other writers? Copywriters usually write to advertise and market a product or service. While other writers may write to create something entertaining, informative, or technical, copywriters aim to drive sales. They often have to do this while exhibiting a flair for the entertaining, informative, or technical.

In fact, a lot of technical writers are also considered copywriters. The lines between a copywriter and any other type of writer can blur depending on the task, but the bottom line is that the modern copywriter has an eye for branding. They want to inspire the reader to act, hopefully in a way that benefits the business their copy is written for.

Therefore, a copywriter must have the same skills as any other professional writer, with a few additional special ingredients. Branding, marketing, and research are essential, all in addition to spelling, grammar, proofreading, and more writerly basics.

Why do people search “copywriter near me”?

What compels someone to use the term “copywriter near me”? Once one learns what a copywriter does – most everything a regular writer does, with a slant toward sales – they almost invariably recognize the need for one.

Here are some key reasons why a copywriter is the right choice.

1. Format diversity.

If the content a business or brand is offering now isn’t performing well, it’s wise to experiment with the format. Despite the historical association with advertising, a copywriter can help with all types of formats, from email, to social media, to blog posts. Often, a business owner will write a solid block of text that really is not tailored well to any one category. An experienced writer has techniques for them all.

2. Linking content.

A good piece of online content should never exist alone. If there’s a quality blog piece, there needs to be an attention-grabbing social media caption to help push it online. If there’s a well-crafted advertisement, there needs to be equally attractive landing page copy to match. A copywriter weaves all of these together to create a brand experience.

3. The visitor’s perspective.

When one successfully searches “copywriter near me”, they find someone who can transform perspective into persuasion.  When founders, CEOs, or managers attempt to create their own copy, they often neglect to put themselves into their audience’s shoes. They are too invested in their role. A copywriter can more closely relate to a prospective buyer and uses this to turn out copy that is much more convincing.

4. Stop struggling and save time.

A copywriter is generally more efficient than the average person when it comes to completing effective copy. Entrepreneurs and developers may labor over a paragraph for untold amounts of time, and still have their doubts about sentence structure, grammar, and tense. Instead of second-guessing every word, cut to the chase with a copywriter.

5. Stay on point with SEO.

In addition to finding the right words, spelling them correctly, and making them coherent, one has to think about search engine optimization (SEO). This is what helps a page rise in search rankings, so people making a query can actually find it. Copywriters who produce web content always take SEO into consideration and keep up with the rapidly evolving techniques that promote visibility.

Choosing a copywriter. 

Copywriters are not rare, but the right copywriter for a specific project absolutely is. Here are some tips for finding a copywriter who is prepared to take on everything a business with a web presence needs.

Contact an organization of copywriters. The truth is, anyone can call themselves a copywriter. It’s a common side job taken on by anyone who wants to make extra money in their own time. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it does mean that there are plenty of free-floating freelancers without much proof of skill or experience.

Reach out to a company that connects clients with copywriters. These businesses test skill and can offer genuine, experienced copywriters. Copywriters who work with such companies are also held accountable with respect to completing assignments, meeting deadlines, and more.

Get familiar with good copy. There are plenty of examples of great copy out there. Do some research, and identify what clicks with the project at hand. Also bear in mind that a copywriting service can offer samples, so each client can peruse tones and formats in order to find what’s best for their business.

Be clear on what is required. How much copy is needed, where is it going, and when should it be complete? Anyone seeking a copywriter should first know what they want, as this makes the process of choosing the right writer go much easier. Some copywriters have special expertise in landing pages, some are social media-minded, and some can do it all.

Provide as much information as possible. Copywriters aim to persuade, but they are not mind readers, and do not aim to mislead an audience. Put together a dossier of sorts including relevant information about the business, target audience, and any other data concerning previous marketing efforts, engagement, and more.

The Takeaway

Still stuck on looking up “copywriter near me”? The results can be confusing and intimidating. Wading through them can be a waste when businesses are already booked and busy. A copywriting service that utilizes only copywriters who have skill and proof of performance is a shortcut to success.