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Fully Managed Content Creation

We customize every piece of content for your clients and their customers. We match their brand voice, style, quality standards, and meet their criteria.

A Personalized Service for You. Customized Content for Them.

Textworkers offers the easiest way to create content that is customized for each of your clients regardless of scale. You can simply and quickly order everything from web pages to blog posts one page at a time, or you can subscribe each client to a monthly plan that can be managed from your dashboard with ease.

Save Time and Money

We offer original content across the board. Whether it is a press release, case study, single blog post, or 100 complete websites, 150 monthly blog subscriptions, or more – we provide the quality you need at any scale.

Writing Services for Content  Marketing Agencies

Universal Content Pricing

Below are prices listed by word count. However, you can choose virtually any word count and customize monthly subscription plans upon request. Monthly plans are heavily discounted.


Textworkers offers exclusive features to help your business publish quality content while keeping the process simple and cost effective.

Content Creation Services for Marketers

free publishing

At your request, we will publish your content to your website or blog absolutely free.
Marketing Writing

100% white label

You own the content. Easily resell under your company name at a markup of 200-300%.
Content Writing for Affiliate Marketers

topic sourcing

Give us titles or simply give us the subject and we’ll topic source using social media and Google tools.
Content Writing for Content Marketers

on-page seo

We keyword optimize your body text, headers, and alt tags for the best in SEO content writing.
Content Writing for Digital Marketers

unlimited revisions

If there is something you would like changed, we provide unlimited revisions at no extra cost.
Content Writing for Online Marketers

licensed images

We provide hand-selected stock images licensed for reuse and HD quality for visually stunning content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our content writing services for agencies today. Quickly find the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

Do I Get to talk to the writers?

No. Textworkers is a fully managed service, so the whole process is streamlined and simple. When you place an order, it goes directly to your project manager. He or she selects and works with the writers directly to ensure your content is written according to your criteria.

Do I have to give you titles?

No. You can give us titles if you wish, but it is not required. All we need is a topic or subject area. If you only have a subject area, we can source a suitable topic for you using social media and Google tools. We find what your client’s audience is talking about and write optimized content that appeals to them.

What if I need changes made to my content?

If you would like changes made to your content, no problem! Any revisions you need are made for free and are made right away. The process is simple and convenient. Just let your project manager know, and he or she will take care of the rest. It’s that easy.

Can you write content in my client’s industry?

Yes, we can! While our writers have backgrounds in numerous industries, we also have an independent research team that assists our writers. Researchers discover authoritative and high-value information and then pass it on to our writers to be crafted into informative and engaging content.

Do you write content in more than one language?

No. At this time we only write content in American English. While we do write content for clients in many different countries, all copy is written in American English.

is the word count you offer limited?

No. The pricing boxes are examples of pricing per word count and popular word count options. After you create your free account, you can select virtually any word count you choose. We offer three simple options for purchasing content: Place an instant order, subscribe to a monthly plan, or get a quote for a custom or high-volume order.

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