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Who can businesses and brands rely on for all of their copywriting needs? From landing pages to blog posts, copy has a great influence over how clever, trustworthy, and capable a visitor believes a brand is. That’s why those serious about how their audience perceives them should do their best to avoid freelance copywriting sites.

Top Reasons to Avoid Freelance Copywriting Sites

Quality NOT guaranteed.

What happens if the quality of the work is not as good as expected? On freelancer websites, there is limited recourse for a dissatisfied client. If the client does not want to pay for substandard work, they could become embroiled in a lengthy dispute process. All of this could result in that client getting a poor rating from the freelancer, negatively impacting future efforts to find a good freelance copywriter on that site.

How does this happen? Freelance copywriting websites do not promise their clients high-quality work. They are middlemen who introduce them to available freelancers. Copywriters can share portfolios on these sites, but web content doesn’t come with a byline, and verifying that they actually wrote can be next to impossible.

Tough selection.

Freelancers log approximately one billion hours of work each week. Freelancing websites are crowded with writers looking to hop on a project. This sounds great if someone needs a copywriter, but the truth is, it takes a substantial time investment to find the right one.

In some cases, clients can pay additional fees to have access to more experienced, highly rated freelancers. This too poses a problem, as the writer still has to have the availability and desire to apply for the project. On these sites, the best writers are usually the busiest, and as such, demand the highest rates.

Multiple hires needed.

Businesses set out to find a freelance copywriter on these sites. They find one with decent experience and a very competitive rate, but frequently realize that one freelancer is not enough. They may have obtained the copy they set out to get, but it isn’t ready to publish.

For one, they are not sure the SEO is up to standard. That means they will have to find a freelance SEO specialist to review it. Even before that, the piece needs to be edited for errors and clarity. This too demands another freelancer with editing expertise.

Before the client knows it, they have a stable of freelancers all working to patch a piece of content together. Conflicting schedules and poor communication among all parties has the client struggling to manage a team they did not anticipate needing for a content order.

Zero oversight.

When clients work with a freelancer, they are essentially now also fulfilling the role of a project manager. With quality not guaranteed, clients who are already tasked with running their own businesses must follow up with this freelancer every step of the way. They do this in order to increase their chances of getting the deliverable they requested.

For many businesses, this is too risky to become involved with. Content is intended to help build an organization’s reputation and settling for low-to-mid-grade work, even after the chasing and haggling, can ultimately end up hurting their brand

Anyone can sign up.

The only qualification required to be a freelance copywriter is the declaration that that is what one does. There is no certificate required, with most freelancers using their experience and results to demonstrate expertise.

This poses a problem on freelance copywriting sites. Everyone has to start somewhere, but freelancers know they are more likely to be selected for projects if they claim to be a native English speaker. They can also fabricate experience to improve their chances.  

More time consuming.

From creating a job listing, to the hiring process, to overseeing a project, to revising a project, working with freelance sites can take a lot of time. In some cases, clients who carefully consider the time they’ve spent see that they could have saved time writing the copy themselves, and just hiring someone to clean it up afterward.

It’s a frustrating revelation to have when one receives work that is not that impressive. Learning to navigate freelancing sites can take hours on its own, and to not come out of the experience with measurable, favorable results is enough to turn businesses off of outsourced copywriting altogether.

The In-House Advantage.

Before discarding the idea of outsourcing copywriting, understand that dedicated copywriting agencies provide solutions for the majority of problems seen on freelance copywriting sites.


Low quality work.


Freelancing sites allow anyone to sign up and begin working, but copywriting agencies do things differently. They carefully vet each writer who applies to work with them, so clients can trust that their copywriter excels at what they are expected to – writing.


Short on time.

Solution: The bottom line is that most people outsource copywriting because they do not have the time to spend on it themselves. Freelance sites can be more time-consuming than assumed, but copywriting agencies are a different story. All clients have to do is place the order; every other step can be handled by an account manager.


Too many steps between creation and publishing.


Once an order is placed by a client, the process goes smoothly, with oversight handled by a manager. Content is fully edited and optimized in-house as part of the original order. When a client approves it, it is ready to publish.

Contact a copywriting agency today.

When freelancers take control of content, what’s left hanging in the balance? Time, money, and an organization’s credibility. The work a client receives may be full of errors, lack SEO, or fail to meet expectations in a variety of other ways.

However, there are plenty of experienced copywriters available for the next project. Rather than hanging out on freelance copywriting sites, they work with copywriting agencies who can pair them up with a client whose task is a perfect match for their skill. Single pages or bulk orders of blog posts can be completed with ease when a business has the foresight to partner with an agency.