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Most successful companies have put out a “copywriter needed” ad at some point. Websites, brochures, guides, reports. All of these items serve a business’s goals, and all of them require copy. But is a professional copywriter needed, or is this just more marketing a business can do all on its own? What kind of results can one expect from a copywriter, and how do businesses find the right one?

Copywriter Needed: 10 Ways to Tell It’s Time to Hire a Copywriter

Fortunately or unfortunately, it is relatively obvious when a business needs a copywriter. Here are ten reasons why businesses hire professional copywriters every day.

1. Unconvincing copy.

Professional writers know the key ingredients of convincing copy.

Yet one does not need to be a professional writer to spot good, effective writing. Managers and owners can read their existing copy and know whether or not it hits the right marks. So much copy drones on without providing new information. Other times, copy can seem too neutral on the topic, when a copywriter needed to make it very persuasive.

2. Limited skillset.

The ability to see a brand from multiple perspectives is very important in copywriting. Within a business, a particular role and its associated skills are focused on one area. A copywriter needs some role-specific knowledge, as well as audience knowledge, plus any questions or misgivings the reader may have, plus SEO knowledge. All of this is used to create the copy.

It is the difference between looking out a window and having a 360-degree panoramic view from a mountain top.

3. Poor ROI.

Without question, if the current copy has not provided a great return on investment, it is time to seek copywriting elsewhere. If the investment was minimal, as is typically the case when assigning copywriting as an additional task for an existing staff member, it is still a problem. It absorbs time and subtracts attention from their primary focus, so it is costing the business.

When a true, professional copywriter is added to the budget, it is much easier to measure how well great copy works for a business.

4. Errors sneaking through.

Great businesspeople do not have to be great writers. When copy is urgently needed, this becomes clear. It is frustrating and time-consuming to have to contact a webmaster, designer, or other technical support to fix errors and typos spotted later on down the road.

Mistakes hurt credibility. That’s why real copywriters work to avoid and correct them before publishing.

5. Perpetually short on time.

If there is no time for copywriting on an average day, this is perhaps the biggest sign that one should hire a copywriter. Making copy and content creation a side task that must be squeezed in is not a recipe for success.

Copywriters have time, adding to the productivity quotient of their clients and helping them maximize their own time.

6. Low engagement.

When copy is published, does it just sit there, with no comments and few shares? Why are customers not talking about it? If the goal is engagement, but the content seems to have fallen on deaf ears, then a copywriter is the solution.

Copywriters research the competition, know what additional value can add to the audience, and can incorporate trending topics for maximum shareability.

7. Stale sales.

If anything, copy should help sell a product. Even informative content that is not sales-focused can help drive up sales – provided the copy is done right. It helps sales-stagnant businesses that do not focus on written content as well. If sales have plateaued, fresh copy can be the catalyst that triggers an increase.

Excellent copywriting is a solid investment in future sales growth.

8. One flat format.  

Brands should examine how many formats, or types of content they are currently offering, and see if this couldn’t be a reason things are not moving forward. Once a business hires the right copywriter needed, they will find that it is much easier to diversify the type of content they offer. Start with a landing page, and from there, produce articles, emails, and more to engage the audience.

More avenues through which to become acquainted with a brand leads to audience expansion, which leads to more sales.

9. No clear message. 

What is the current copy saying about the business? What does it share about any given topic? Even when the goal is to give a reader basic how-to information, it should have messaging that reminds anyone who reads it of the brand who published it.

It can be difficult to identify and nurture a brand voice. But this is yet another area professional copywriters specialize in.

10. High time for growth.

In business, the biggest enemy is complacency. Get fooled into thinking that what is “good enough” today will suffice next week, and the costs could be great. Copy is part of any future growth strategy. How much it will do for a business over time depends in large part on the quality of the writing.

To keep a business trending upward, make professional copywriters part of the team.

How to Hire the Best Copywriter

It comes as no surprise that many smaller businesses are hesitant to hire a copywriter. The hiring process can be long and complicated, especially if they are concerned that they don’t know exactly what they need.

That is why copywriting agencies are usually the best possible solution. Agencies are considered “safer” for those touchy about investing in copy because they work with entire teams of writers whose skills have been verified. Therefore, businesses do not have to investigate, interview, and quiz freelancers on the basics of an industry they do not specialize in.

Furthermore, agencies are much more likely to bundle “extras” in with the copy. While some might view these features as additional bells and whistles, those serious about marketing and ROI consider them the standard. This includes SEO, high-quality images for blog posts, and editing to ensure the copy is error-free.

With digital marketing becoming so important to industries who once assumed they would never have to touch it, great copy is gold. It is more value for the customer and higher yield for the business. Copywriter needed? If growth is on the agenda, the answer is a resounding yes.