Let’s face it, our men and women in blue across the country are having a difficult time right now.

The media runs stories nearly every day, highlighting an officer-involved shooting. They are sure to say; however, the details of the incident are “unknown at this time.” But does that footnote matter to the millions of viewers watching at home?

I’m afraid it does not.

Our brave men and women of law enforcement are under fire from the mainstream media and as a consequence, the citizens in the communities they protect. The media would have most believe that police officers are out on a bloody rampage, violating civil rights, and essentially taking no prisoners on their plight to undermine our constitution.

This negative outlook obstructs investigations, impedes intel gathering from informants, and places our officers in danger.

While many police departments are taking up Twitter and Facebook to remain socially active, finding the right words have been difficult. It’s the same across police department websites. Most do not even have websites.

However, there are exemplary websites out there such as the Burlington Police Department in North Carolina (http://www.ci.burlington.nc.us/53/Police). This website showcases the department’s intent on serving the community – their community.

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Making “The Force” Short for Positive Reinforcement

Web content for police departments and local government websites should focus on reaching out to the people of the communities in which they serve.

The function should accommodate everyday people looking to engage with, or find out more about, their local police department. The imagery and content should be focused, yet humanized. Think hospitality, rather than government.

Include a section that is updated daily or weekly, showcasing the community events or activities officers are involved in or sponsor. Add pictures with text describing the moment. If your department is not currently involved in community events, your officers will benefit greatly from doing so. Community event involvement increases the moral of the officers, community members, and might even give the media something to report other than tragedy.

Each section of a police department website should embody the respect and humanity of the force. From landing pages to your division’s blog section, provide tips for family safety, safe driving tips, internet safety for kids, update the public on new laws being passed, reminders of upcoming events, offer a ride-along, and more.

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Content Writing for Local Government Websites

We provide content writing for police department websites and other local government agencies. We offer competitive rates for content that speaks to your community. The men and women of law enforcement risk everything to ensure the safety of the men, women, and children they serve. Providing an outlet that showcases who they really are can lessen the risk they face from an unjustly hostile public.

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