Individual practices to large firms have one thing in common: The need for a strong online presence.

When any given individual performs a Google search for the keyword lawyer, returns yield about 300,000,000 results. I know that you may be thinking, “yeah, but that includes any articles with that keyword – not just law firms.” This is true. But it doesn’t matter.

Page one real estate is valuable. There are only 10 organic spots on page one. And the fact of the matter is, not many people make it to page two. There is a fallacy among most people that rankings are from best to worst, so the first result must be the best.

They would be wrong, but again, it doesn’t matter.


Law Firms Face Big Competition Online

As a solo practitioner or as a partner in a global firm, one thing is for certain: You are going to face stiff competition. Every lawyer wants to be number one in the search results.

Every lawyer is on a constant mission to be number one. Why? Because the number one result gets the most clicks. Therefore, number one will always have the most business.

But don’t get discouraged. Page one – anywhere on page one is a good thing. Even the bottom.

Is there anything more important than ranking? Well, actually, there is. Converting.

Converting is the process of getting a site’s visitors to take a desired action. The truth is, you can rank number one on page one on Google and Bing! until the cows come home. If your website cannot convert, it was all for not.

What is a leading problem for law websites not ranking or converting for that matter?

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Many Content Providers Do Not Specialize in Law

While there is a plethora of content providers on the web, most do not specialize in law or have little to no direct experience in writing topics on law. This can be a problem on a number of levels.

One issue is the fact that, you can be the greatest baseball player on earth, but without training, your golf swing is always going to suck. In other words, the greatest writer can write great articles or web copy, but without the experience needed in a given field, the quality and depth of the information provided will always be shallow.

Always make sure that the law content you receive is accurate by hiring a content writing service that specializes in law.

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Content Writing for Law Websites

Content writing for law websites is an area that requires focus, dedication, and experience. This should be evident in the ability to properly cite precedent, such as Soergel v. Raufman 154 Wis. 2d 564, 453 N.W.2d 624 (1990), discuss focused outcome possibilities without directly stating specifics, and maintaining the distinction between legal advice (contact us for a free consultation) and legal consultation (which is not advised through any form of web copy, blog posts, etc.).

We have written extensively for law firms and solo practitioners across the country including Sterling Law Offices, S.C., The Law Offices of Christopher Jackson, and The Law Offices of Mathew Stanley.

If you would like to get started with the development of your legal website content including blog posts, FAQs, Landing and Web Pages, and more, sign up and tell us what you need today.


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