When you search for home remodeling companies on Google, do you know what happens?

Well, the first thing you see is a little note that reads, About 1,610,000 results (1.23 seconds).

That’s a lot of results, home remodelers. A lot of results.

The second thing that appears on the page, is a map with the top 3 local home remodeling companies. The map is expandable, but why bother? I can easily choose from the top 3 results and choose from them and save myself some time. Besides, if they are the first 3 companies listed on Google, they must be the best, right?


They simply have websites that Google found relevant to the searcher query. These remodeling companies have high-quality content.


Home Remodeling Website Content & Localization

Home remodeling contractor websites are searched every day by thousands of people across the country. There are several million home builders in the US, and over a million and a half on Google alone.

However, there are only 3 visible results complete with a map to their location found on page one of Google for any given region. These results can change city by city.

Localization is a major point of SEO and is primarily carried out through the development of high-quality content. Your website content, from your landing pages to your blog posts, should each target your area, providing search engines as well as potential customers with the assurance that they are in the right spot, that you do serve their area.

There’s nothing worse than having someone search through each page of your website, prepared to hire you, only to find out they are outside your service area.

Too many general contractors develop a good-looking website, but forget to, or don’t know how to, properly localize it. This can cost you potential clients and ranking position.

Your content absolutely must target your service area, ensuring search engines and site visitors know where you are located right from the start, regardless of which page they land on.


Home Design Contractor Services

When it comes to content writing for home designers, you want to cover all the services you offer. You must find a balance between web pages and blog posts – which informational topic should be placed where.

Sometimes it is best to simply have a service hub page with short introductions to each service, then link them out to blog posts that explain the service in-depth. Sometimes it’s better to have in-depth service pages that link out to related blog posts to help cover Q & A’s.

It really depends on the direction of your website, the design, and the flow. Not to mention, your personal preference.

From simple room additions to new home construction, you must list the services you offer in a consumable and straight-forward fashion. Your potential clients are not contractors – they need everything written in a way that not only explains the service but paints a picture of the outcome. This descriptive text is what will help to sell the service and turn a potential customer into a paying client.

If you would like to be seen on your local maps on page one of Google, contact us today.