Why seek out press release copywriting services? When a company has blogged, written articles, sent marketing emails, uploaded videos, and religiously updated social media profiles, what else is left? The press release. Like other types of content, any business can hire press release copywriting services to help supplement all of their other marketing efforts.

Though the overarching goal (wider success) is the same, press releases differ from other content in several ways. They are generally written in an active voice, and they have something important to say about the brand releasing it. Press releases usually follow a certain format and must answer the Five W’s: who, what, where, when, why.

The purpose of press releases.

The truth is, any point of interest can become a press release. Yet many businesses still never issue them or are uncertain when a press release is needed. Here are five basic scenarios in which a press release could benefit a business.

Brand introduction.

By far, the very best time to look for press release copywriting services is at the very start. When a brand, business, or even crowdfunding project is just getting off the ground, it’s important to explore every avenue in introducing the venture to as many people as possible. This is how a lot of startups find their most prized investors.

Brand revamp or rehabilitation.

Under new management? Switching gears? Bouncing back from a series of unfortunate events? A press release is part of an effective relaunch strategy. It does not make specific mention of the past but highlights any special new features or improvements. It is a particularly useful way to help manage brand reputation.

Promoting sales and deals.

Social media and subscriber emails are still the gold standard in promoting deals and sales. Still, not everyone is a follower, and timelines and feeds move quickly these days. Expand beyond the usual reach by issuing a press release explaining the cost savings new customers can take advantage of.

Awards and achievements.

When a business has been awarded certifications or honors, a press release lets everyone know that this brand is at the top of their industry. It’s also a useful tool when a company hits a major milestone, such as 25 years in business, a certain number of units sold or achieves a high ranking in online marketplaces.

Special events.

Fundraisers, open houses, seminars, appearances, and product releases have long been broken with a press release. Such events are typically held to expand the audience and invite new customers or clients into the fold, as well as share information with existing clients or shareholders.

How press releases have changed.

Some newer brands and businesses may view the press release as old-fashioned. In actual fact, the press releases evolve with the times. Here’s why successful brands still release them as a primary method of spreading the word when they have something of importance to share.

Anyone can read them.

Years ago, press releases were sent only to the press. The goal was to garner the attention of a journalist, who would then cover the event. This is still one very good reason to create a press release, but today, they are shared with everyone. Press releases are posted as the latest news on websites and are shared via subscriber email and social media. They may even be sent to bloggers, influencers, or partners in a related niche.

They can go viral.

Whether a press release is published on a news website, a Twitter profile, or a home page, the internet has made it possible for more creative release strategies to go viral without any help from a journalist.

For instance, fast food franchise Taco Bell once issued a press release teasing a new menu item that was set to launch during the Super Bowl. However, certain words were blacked out, as though redacted. Despite having huge brand recognition, this provoked those who did not normally eat at the restaurant to read in an attempt to put it all together.

Not to mention, this type of publicity is infinitely cheaper than purchasing commercial air time during the Super Bowl.

It’s another way to increase visibility on search engines.

Just like any other worthy piece of content existing online, SEO is present in press releases to boost visibility. Press release copywriting services employ various tactics that can hopefully help the release earn a higher position in search engine results. If done well, this can result in an increase in traffic to other pages belonging to the business.

The one giant mistake press release copywriting services help every business avoid.

When it comes to issuing regular press releases, companies have choices. They can attempt the copy themselves, have a member of staff learn how to do it, or outsource. Recently, some services have been marketing themselves as “all-in-one” press release solutions. Not only will they help brands distribute the content, but they will write it for them.

The issue businesses frequently experience with this type of service is the quality of content. The focus is on fulfilling any format requirements with a boilerplate template and then distributing it successfully.

What is missing from the equation is the craft of creating content. Companies serious about seeing a favorable ROI on any PR expenses need to first focus on content, the importance of which extends far beyond formatting.

Want great results? Choose a copywriting agency.

That is where a copywriting service comes in. Their sole mission is focusing on copy that serves its purpose well. That way, distribution can do its job in garnering the attention the company behind the release wants.

Is this more costly than hiring one agency to handle releases from start to finish? Not when the result performs better than a one-and-done solution. Press release copywriting services come with the internal oversight to ensure a release meets rigorous quality standards, so the brand or business can see and approve of the work before distribution begins.

Is every event newsworthy? Let the audience be the judge of that. Start treating special deals, seminars, and new products as excellent opportunities to generate buzz with press releases.