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Never overlook professional editing services. When preparing to publish web content, businesses will double-check the copy for typos and misspellings. Once finished, they say the piece has been “edited”. However, this is not what professional services do.

After all, most word processing software can pick up on a typo and correct it. Professional editors perform much more comprehensive assessments. The most successful sites would never publish a blog post or white paper without multiple editing runs.

Read on to learn more about what editing entails.

What Editors Do

Spelling and grammar are always a priority. The writer themselves performs this sort of “editing” as they draft. An editor comes in and catches what they missed, but also performs more crucial edits.

Remove repetition.

Writers often do not notice when they use certain words over and over again. Using the word seems natural to them, and they begin to rest on it when they feel slightly stuck. An editor makes sure copy is free from repetition, whether that be a particular word or statement.

Tighten sentences.

Editors will break overlong sentences in two. This makes the copy much more readable. They will also eliminate unnecessary words that distract from the point of a sentence. If a writer gets too descriptive or wordy, an editor gets them in check.

Split paragraphs.

It isn’t just sentences that get too hefty. Editors will break down and/or rearrange sentences into shorter paragraphs that once more make the copy more readable. Readers glance at paragraph lengths and decide immediately if the copy is too dense for their time. Paragraph breakdown also improves SEO.

Make it cohesive.

If a writer switches tense where they should not or loses their grip on the tone of the piece, the editor corrects this. The resulting copy will communicate clearly in the same authoritative or conversational voice.

Stay in focus.

The point of an article or blog never gets lost with an editor on hand. Writing is always better when it serves one purpose. While researching, writers can come across multiple ideas and facts they feel have a place in the piece. Editors refine this so that it does not begin taking the reader in multiple directions.

Request clarification.

If a potentially contentious point arises, an editor will ask that the writer back their statement up a bit more thoroughly. Editors also help writers more clearly communicate complex ideas. They eliminate portions that have been over-expanded upon and recommend additional information where it would be most helpful.

Warn the writer.

Editors can also serve as watchdogs for facts and claims. If they feel that something in the copy could get the individual or business publishing it into any hot water, they will make note of this to the writer. The writer then rephrases the information or locates a more supportive source.  

The Benefits of Hiring an Editor

An editor’s job easily translates into huge brand benefits. It is highly educational to others producing and publishing the content and sets a high standard that competition must struggle to match. Here are four main advantages those who hire professional editing services enjoy.

Learn what good content looks like.

Unless they are in the industry also, the reader never thinks of the editor. However, editors teach writers, businesses, and readers alike what good content looks like. With every line, people get true value from the power of editing. They are never tripping over the copy or re-reading a sentence.

If one pays attention, they will understand that flow and ease are what make many pieces so good. This is introduced or improved through an editor.

Build trust through consistency.

Various types of content written in all sorts of voices and tones does not present the unified message one expects from a brand. An editor makes it more likely that the audience can identify a brand just by reading some copy.

This makes any business seem more reliable. It gives the impression that the brand is solid, and this increases trustworthiness.

Post with confidence.

How can a business or site owner be sure that their copy is ready to publish? If it has been through professional editing services, there is no question that it’s ready for rollout.

When creating and posting the copy themselves, businesses can read a piece over and over, until they are uncertain of its quality. The fresh, discerning eye of an editor removes the worry and saves time.

Look professional from every angle.

The professionalism of what a brand posts is every bit as important as where they post it. Businesses make strong investments in websites that look spectacular and are easy to navigate. Well-edited copy is in alignment with these endeavors.

A website can be fast, slick, and cutting edge, but a huge chunk of draft copy can completely ruin the impression a site gives visitors. Editing helps brands become “the total package” concerning quality.

Finding the Best Professional Editing Services

Work that exudes professionalism and is easy to read helps drive clicks and sales. While the emphasis is always placed on an excellent writer, it is the editor that makes a great deal of the difference.

This is not to say that the quality of the writing is secondary. Quality writing makes the editing process much more efficient. When working with tight deadlines, the skill of both the writer and editor is invaluable.

The need for both quality writers and editors is something that drives the client to writing agencies. These offer comprehensive writing and editing services in one. The process is so streamlined and simple for clients that the cost is easily justified.

Professional writing and editing agencies are also prepared to clean up drafts and manuscripts that have already been written. Editors can rehabilitate pieces written by staff that still need a great deal of work.                                                                                                                

With an editor covering quality assurance, what does that leave time for? It allows the business extra time to research, develop strategies, and brainstorm new topic ideas. The result of these efforts, which brands make room for by hiring professional editing services, is positively priceless.