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Business writing services are becoming as popular as some of the brands they work for. The production of business documents has a wide range of uses across all industries, making this type of service one from which many businesses derive excellent benefits.

Read on to learn what types of content writing services produce for businesses, what skills are most important to a business writer. From there, discover why businesses choose to outsource to business writing professionals.

Business Writing: Examples and Skills

There are several areas business writers are mindful of when creating content. Here is a rundown of several qualities great business writing should possess:

  • Clear and concise. Good business writing is never vague and does not generalize. It is easy to understand, and while it demonstrates industry expertise, it does not rely heavily on industry lingo.


  • Active. Business writers will use active voice where possible, which also lends itself to making the writing concise. Passive voice often leads to more words with no added value.


  • Less visual, more informational. If one compares business writing to other types of content, they may notice that business writers use fewer photos, videos, and graphics for many of their pieces.


  • Audience knowledge. Not all business pieces require the same tone. Some pieces will speak to other businesses, some will speak to consumers, and some will speak to colleagues. Professionals working with business writing services know this and prepare to adjust tone accordingly.

All of these skills are necessary for the types of pieces business writers create. Here are a few different types of writing businesses require:

  • Sales content.

Persuasive copy is key for businesses. Business proposals help net clients, press releases attract the attention of the general public, and product pitches can come in many forms.

  • Instructional content.

Good instructional content can be used by the reader again and again. Businesses may require user manuals or other technical documents that help people use their products or help employees do their jobs.

  • Informational content.

The average business requires a slew of documents. Professional writers prepare reports, outlines, records, and other reference material which proves helpful in formulating plans and strategies.

  • Communications.

Official letters, memos, and emails are error-free and impactful when created by a professional writer. These pieces can circulate important updates in-house, or make a brand look more professional to prospective clients.

5 Reasons to Hire Business Writing Services

Many readers can easily see why a brand would want a pro to write the odd report or press release. Yet why would a brand hire a professional writer to take care of correspondence and policy outlines? Here are five reasons why brands retain writing services for all of their business document needs.

Return on investment.

A company has one of its existing employees author a report. It is not written by a professional writer, but it is good enough to fulfill their basic needs. The report appears on their website with the intent of proving value and presenting positive results.

Visitors find it to be informative, but it does not increase sales. Meanwhile, the company still had to pay the employee. If a professional wrote it, it could be factual, informative, and persuasive. It could drive sales, providing a much greater ROI than squeaking by with an employee.


While the employee was authoring that low-ROI report, they could have been making progress on another important project. One that leverages their true expertise.

With a service dedicated to writing the material, employees can make headway on strategizing, client services, or anything else that makes them an asset to the company. This helps businesses complete projects faster.


If an expert is not a good writer, the audience will not see them as an expert. Writers derive information from experts, combine it with their skill, and turn it into quality writing with real value.

Adding professional flair to every piece a business releases, whether it is to a department one floor below or a customer across the ocean, builds authority. When the writing is competent, readers will believe the company is who they say they are.

Positive influence.

Emails, memos, and other correspondence may be viewed as less important than other written content. But when these written communications contain errors and are not structured and formatted in any particular way, it sets a bad example. Recipients glean that they can be lax in their communication style as well.

When business writing services provide clean, coherent, error-free letters, memos, and emails, employees and clients pay more attention to their own writing. This makes everyone that much better at their job.

More time.

How much is a company’s time worth? Truthfully, a lot of businesses would pay a premium to add a few extra hours to the day. That is precisely what writing services help them do. By making a healthy investment in writing, brands buy extra time to dedicate to other important areas.

However, thanks to the higher ROI, they are not merely paying for more employees. They are practicing good delegation with a higher chance of increasing profits.

In Closing

Business writers are available at all skill and experience levels. Brands and agencies choose business writing services to ensure that their written content is created by someone whose skill has been tested and verified. Moreover, they choose services that can manage writing projects for them. That way, they do not find themselves with a freelancer they must stay on top of for the duration of the project.

In doing so, they save time, get more done, and improve their reputations. In regular communications, professional writing inspires employees and respondents to more carefully and cleanly word their correspondence.

When the content is for a website, there are even more benefits. Professional writing online can keep the content flowing for better search rankings and add more to share on social media. With quality business writing adding so much value to every aspect of a company’s communications, writing services are proving to be worth every penny.