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We are hiring full-time writers. Writers must have 5-years’ experience, and knowledge of SEO is a must. A background in marketing is also a plus. Join an established company that works with clients around the world.


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Why write for Textworkers

Our team consists of only the most experienced and successful writers from the United States and abroad, seasoned editors and professional account managers.

Our clients work one-on-one with an account manager, who takes their criteria and selects the best writing team based on their needs and industry. 

This unique model of virtual -in-house content services means you can work remotely from anywhere in the world. While all deadlines are strict and non-flexible, your schedule is always written by you in advance of each project.

In exchange for the freedom to write from anywhere you are, every page of content must be professionally written in the brand voice and embody the tone and perspective specified by our clients. Each page must be full of value and substance and engage the target audience.


How do payments work?

Upon submission of all content, your work will be reviewed over the course of approximately 48 hours. Upon acceptance, payment is released immediately via PayPal to your account.


“Working with Textworkers is a tremendous experience that has helped me grow as a writer over the past few years. Creating content on various topics and for major brands around the world, while being able to set my own schedule, is a dream job. Their team has helped me hone my skills and find the perfect niche for my talents. I would recommend joining Textworkers to any professional writer. The pay is great, channels of communication are always open and I have received nothing but support in my years with Textworkers.”

Ansser S.

Lead Writer, North Carolina