Because of the fact that content writing services overseas in places such as India are cheaper, many small businesses and startups may be tempted to save on costs. However, this is a BIG mistake on many levels.


Without pandering to the pros and cons of foreign versus domestic goods, plain and simple; if your audience is primarily American, Canadian, or otherwise American English speaking – you cannot afford to spend your money on foreign content.



1.     The Loss of Brand Credibility

When you are selling products or services to any market, your name, your business, your website becomes your brand.


For new businesses trying to pry their way into any market, especially one that is currently dominated by page 1 companies, you cannot risk losing the credibility of your brand before it ever takes off.


Do you have any idea how hard it is to rebuild a tainted brand that already has a bad reputation just starting out?


If not, I don’t suggest finding out when you don’t have to.


A foreign content writing service may have writers that are skilled in English, as in, understanding the language – what the words mean. Definition.


However, this seldom includes proper syntax or the actual way our (American) words are used to create sentences. It is in this fact alone that you should never use an overseas content writing service or one that uses overseas writer as a means of cheap labor and inflated profit margins.



2.     Failed Marketing Campaigns

Whether the content we are discussing revolves around website content, or web copy, or blogs, product descriptions, or any other content type; through the reach of search indexing, content marketing is one of the most cost-effective and efficient forms of marketing there is.


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The content your company produces and unleashes into the wild should offer a measured return on your content investment.


Content produced in a foreign market will absolutely dash any hopes of a profitable return.


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This is because of quality. If, and when, it becomes clear to the reader that your content was clearly written by someone who does not have a clear grasp of the English language, they will be instantly put off by your content, and ultimately, your brand.


You are not only losing that potential customer, but you are also losing the potential reach that one customer had. Remember, despite what you may have heard, mouth-to-mouth marketing is alive and well. In addition, any person or persons who writes reviews on companies will surely find this content. Now you have negative reviews making their way online.


If these articles are written by established parties, you have a problem. Any positive marketing you were hoping to accomplish with your content has now backfired.


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3.     The Lack of Long-Term Engagement

Now, when it comes to engagement, you want site visitors and blog readers to remain because they are thoroughly impressed with what they are reading – not because they can’t look away from the train wreck happening before their eyes.




Have you ever started reading a blog that seemed like it may have information you are looking for? Only to have it turn out to be so full of mistakes, you stayed just to count them all?


I have. It’s actually become sort of a pet peeve of mine.


Pushing content that creates a train wreck effect serves no purpose other than to demonstrate that your company is not up to par with a credible company.


You will not only begin to lose any engagement you had, if any, to begin with – but you will also lose ranking, losing any potential engagement you may have had, had you published quality content instead.


4.     Decreasing Site Traffic

Along with the decreasing engagement, decreasing site traffic is a natural outcome.


Most any business today depends on website traffic to at least endorse their brick-and-mortar building, if not relying on them for the entirety of their income. Many businesses today don’t even have a physical presence.


Along with brand credibility, failed marketing returns, and a reduction in engagement, allowing unfruitful content written with the knowledge of a foreign market to be pushed out online in your company’s name can have serious consequences.


Depending on the size of your company, surviving a “traffic drought” may prove impossible, shutting your virtual doors for good.


This is true when it comes to any form of content; blog posts, editorial-style articles, web copy, product descriptions, white papers, and more. Every piece of content you publish needs to be crafted by an expert with not only the knowledge of your industry but with the skill needed to develop high-value content that your audience will love and react to using your desired outcome.


5.     Lost Conversions

Your desired outcome now brings us to the bread-and-butter of your business: Conversions.


Conversions are what it’s all about. A Conversion is when a site visitor takes an action you have predetermined. For example, if you sell golf bags and you gain a site visitor and that visitor buys a golf bag – that’s a conversion.


This could be any action, however. If you simply want email addresses to market back to, and a site visitor enters their email address – that’s a conversion.


If your product or service is described in a manner that has your visitors seeing the obvious errors involved with a foreign writer, you will lose that conversion. And any other conversions you may have had that could have resulted from that satisfied customer.


It’s akin to companies that use manufacturer descriptions (which is considered duplicate content) or use only an image in the hopes their product will sell. Which they won’t. Because you need high-quality content that appeals to your target audience, as well as search engines.




If your hopes are to save a few bucks by outsourcing to an overseas content writing service, you may want to rethink your strategy. It could end up costing you a lot more than the money you would have spent (and should have spent) to begin with on quality content from a professional in-house content writing service who employs only American writers.


Remember, it’s like Google says, “content is king.” Put your investment in your content. If you don’t have quality content, nothing else matters. Not paid search, not advertising, not even your product. Your content is what your visitors read to find if what you offer is for them, if you are credible, and if your company is worth their investment.

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