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I don’t care what I’m looking up. I don’t care what it is.


When I look something up, I want to be entertained at the very least.

I want actual value in exchange for my time preferably.

I want to learn something I didn’t already know in the best-case scenario.


This is what I call, E.V.E., or,

  • Entertainment
  • Value
  • Education


These are the three founding principles of writing great content. Without these three things, you cannot captivate or convert. But using them will result in content that will blow them away.


Think about it.


Let’s start with entertainment, for example.


You Must Write Entertaining Content

If you cannot entertain the reader, especially right from the get-go, you don’t stand much of a chance of converting them into a paying customer somewhere down the road.


The point is, you have to entertain them – grab them – right from the start. Face it, you’re not doing your product or service any justice if you’re not able to hold a reader’s attention.


So, the first goal is to entertain the reader, getting them to continue reading.


If you are able to get a reader to follow along, it means A) you are interesting, and B) what you have to offer is interesting. These are integral to the next step, which is value.


The Content You Write Must Have Value

Providing the reader with value means that you must provide a benefit that is equally worthy, if not more, for the individual’s time.


Time is valuable, so we base value as an equivalent to time itself.


Sound extreme? Not really, and I’ll tell you why.


Time is freely negotiated. Even with someone who has very valuable time. Every individual is factually trading their time with something they feel is of value to them. Make your content truly a contender for that time.


You do that by being honest, providing data or statistics to verify your claims, and plainly giving the reader something they can walk away with.


This leads us to Education.


Your Content Must Educate the Reader

This one can be fairly difficult, especially if your researching skills aren’t the best.


Education means to provide a reader with information they didn’t already have or couldn’t just as easily look up on google to find out.


You need to earnestly put in the effort to discover facts or even interesting tidbits that can transform an entertaining and otherwise fascinating article into something the reader can learn something new from. That is very satisfying to a reader.


That is time well spent.


In Closing

While there are many more components to writing great content, these three are the founding principles, that without them, great writing cannot even begin to flourish or to take shape.

But by integrating them into every piece you write, you will rank higher through user interaction; you will grow and maintain your audience; you will convert more by demonstrating your knowledge, expertise, and by delivering value to your readership.




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