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It’s common to outsource copywriting, but it can still be a tough decision for some businesses. Will they look inward and recruit an existing team member, hire additional staff, or outsource? For those who have not yet strayed beyond company walls for help, the concept of looking elsewhere for copy is a little mysterious. Why exactly does a brand outsource copywriting?

Ultimately, companies outsource content for a number of reasons unique to their situation. These reasons typically outweigh going with an in-house writer in both number and impact. Here are 25 of the most popular reasons outsourced copywriting wins.

Higher productivity.

Using an in-house employee to produce content can set back progress on other tasks. Any company can instantly raise productivity levels when a part of the process is outsourced.

Better budget.

When a company chooses to outsource copywriting, they can save money. There are reduced administrative costs, and a higher ROI on the high-quality content produced.

Increased confidence.

Everyone can perform at their peak when they have the extra confidence that their strategy works. With expertly written content, companies can make bigger, more assured strides online.

Right on target.

Hitting the target audience takes knowledge and experience. Brands work hard at identifying their target, and professional copywriters are experienced in tone, format, and word choice designed to appeal to them.

Branding assistance.

Of course, there are those sites and organizations that do not yet have effective branding in place. Good content, centered around copywriting, can help a business truly become a brand. In fact, many businesses can more easily identify their brand after reading the right copy.  

SEO supported.

Most websites have technical SEO in place. Written content should augment these efforts for better search result rank. Copywriting agencies includes SEO strategies as part of the written work they perform for clients all over the globe.

Cutting edge.

Where content creation is just one part of a business’s responsibilities, it is the entire purpose of an outsourced writing agency. That means they are up to date on trends and techniques that are working for others right now.

Added expertise.

In any business, there is at least one person who is irreplaceable. They are an expert at their job. When a business decides to outsource copywriting, they are adding an additional expert that can serve their reputation and trustworthiness well.

Shorter to-do lists.

Taking the opportunity to shorten that to-do list by leaving copywriting off entirely can let people begin their day without being overwhelmed by what must be done.

Stay fresh.

If one’s sole job isn’t writing, it is common for content to become tired and repetitive. Outsourcing ensures a brand will always have something new to share, an interesting point of view, and a fresh voice. 

Starting is easy.

For many, the most difficult part of writing is getting started. Professional copywriters know where to begin. For businesses who partner with copywriting agencies, starting a relationship is easy. They place an order, their project is assigned to a writer, and it is completed on time.

Be consistent.

Posting content here and there is not part of an effective strategy. Through outsourcing, businesses can build an audience that considers them reliable. Consistent posting is also a good way to encourage attention from search engines.

Fast turnaround.

Suddenly, staff does not have to juggle deadlines. The copywriting agency dedicates all of their resources to getting the content to the client in short order.

New perspectives.

When someone is very close to a project, they have trouble seeing it the way others do. A writer coming in from an agency is in a better position to see the bigger picture and point out “secret” pockets of value to the audience.

Formulate beneficial strategies.

Outsourcing the copywriting end of content creation gives people the breathing room to build a more powerful strategy. With copy made to order, it’s easier for businesses to test different formats and styles, measuring which gets them the best results.

Wider reach.

With the skill set provided by professional copywriters, content becomes more shareable. Brands can find more success with content worthy of making the rounds on social media.

Readers love real writers.

The sharpest audience members can tell when someone is forcing content or didn’t have the time to make it their best. They can appreciate the skill a professional writer displays in their work.

Excellent work in its final form.

Not only do brands and businesses not have the time to create the most compelling content, they do not have the time to create multiple versions of it. Copywriting agencies take pieces through multiple draft versions and rigorously edit before it is submitted and approved.

A better look.

When one chooses to outsource copywriting to an agency, they are also likely getting images to go with pieces like blog content. This looks great to visitors and search engines alike.

Explore a niche.

But through outsourcing, anyone can find writers with particular experience in more complex or refined industries and subjects, which ends up making a site really stand out from the pack.

Faster results.

Sometimes strategies fail, and businesses need reinforcements to recoup any losses. Getting a lot of excellent content quickly is a smart way to bounce back.

Adjust output as needed. 

It’s not unusual to suddenly need more content. This is an issue if there’s one staff writer in-house, but increasing output is never a problem when outsourcing.

Foster individual strengths in-house.

If there are no copywriting experts within an organization, there is no reason to force someone into becoming one. Let the current team define and develop what they have a talent for, and the whole business will benefit.

Everyone is doing it.

Outsourcing writing is not a cop-out, or a shady practice. Powerful businesses do it all of the time because they know that delegation is one of the smartest strategies of them all.

Outsource copywriting to save time.

The benefit with the most value for every kind of business would be the time savings. Accomplish more, build a reputation faster, and foster healthier work-life balance with outsourcing.