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Digital marketing copywriters go above and beyond typical web copy. They strategically craft other written content like marketing emails, landing pages, Facebook ads, and more. They can do so because a digital marketing copywriter has special knowledge of branding, SEO, social media, and advertising. 

Copywriters provide this in addition to other types of web content one might already commission for their business, such as articles and blogs. However, they know how to frame everything in a marketing context. Take a look at the following 20-point breakdown of why it’s smart to use a digital marketing copywriter.

20 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Copywriter

An effective opening.

Other types of copywriters will not place as much importance on a headline at all times. Copywriters who specialize in marketing know that the headline is the hook. In fact, sometimes one line is all the copy that is required, so they make it count.

The difference between right and wrong.

Effective marketers don’t just rattle off value and benefits. They can also foresee and address issues without making it seem as though a product or service has a glaring fault. This creates informed consumers, who trust brands that are honest and realistic about what they offer.

No writer’s block.

Is it true that a digital marketing copywriter is less likely to suffer writer’s block? In many instances, yes. That’s because they can always remind themselves that they are here to solve the audience’s problem. They state the problem, make the audience relate to the problem, and present the solution. There are fewer false starts and holdups due to a lack of ideas.

Campaign management.

Digital marketing campaigns are a significant time investment for clients. However, many copywriters are prepared and experienced in handling such campaigns. They can create and arrange a content series designed to get more leads, which can make all of the difference to a brand looking to finally get a good ROI on their marketing strategy.

A resounding “yes”.

In marketing, no one wants to hear – or even think – the word “no”. When a writer asks questions in marketing copy, they work with the certainty that their questions will elicit positive responses from the people reading it.

UX in focus.

Brand experience is just as key as brand knowledge. Marketing copywriters become familiar with user-end experience to understand what it is like to interact with a brand. They leverage this experience to appeal to the audience on a more authentic level.

Research skills.

User experience is just one area of research. Good copywriters are involved in all sorts of research, are fast readers who process and filter information quickly, and know what a quality resource looks like at first glance.

Social media savvy.

The entire purpose of marketing is to reach out, and there is no better way to do so than with social media. If a brand has not yet gained that essential following or created shareable content, this is the one hire they need to make.

Niche knowledge.

Even within a pool of specialized digital marketing copywriters, many of them have additional expertise which makes them perfect for certain industries. If one brand does not hire them, their competition definitely will. 

Breaking up.

Copywriters know the importance of digestibility in marketing copy. They will never saddle a client with chunks of copy that intimidate readers. They create sharp, clean copy with ample breaks.


Focusing on marketing doesn’t mean that marketing copywriters do not have the same skill all great writers do: the ability to tell a story. When broken down and structured in a way fit to market, this is one of the most effective tactics of them all.

They learn from the client’s competition.

Even something as simple as the font comes under the scrutiny of a good copywriter. They will take note of what the very best and worst among the competition are doing, and adjust accordingly, with the primary goal always being to exceed everyone else in the industry.

Ongoing work.

The best digital marketing copywriters do not merely dip their toes into this arena here and there. This type of copywriting is something they are hired to do regularly, especially if they are working for a writing service that needs to have digital marketers on staff at all times.

Knowing the limit.

Deadlines lapse and information has an air of the uncertain when a copywriter feels there’s more they can learn about a topic. Experienced copywriters follow through, confident that they have done precisely enough research to be knowledgeable on the subject.

They evolve.

Rote learning and sticking to past education have little place in modern copywriting. Digital writers have to evolve with trends and are not lost when asked to deviate from a format they are used to. Brands are individual and must be met with a fresh approach.

Up to date.

Working with online advertising platforms and SEO means that copywriters have to stay abreast of current best practices. Hiring a digital marketing copywriter increases a company’s chances of getting a writer that dedicates themselves to staying current.

A splash of psychology.

Psychology is critical in marketing, but it must work with the subconscious. A marketing copywriter is in the best position to share this skill with brands.

Attention to guidelines.

Just because brands need a digital marketing copywriter, does not mean they don’t know what works. When they set editorial guidelines, the right copywriter is willing and able to stick to them.

They bring complex strategies to life.

Brands put a lot of time, data, and failure into creating a marketing strategy that sells. A copywriter with marketing expertise can execute it smoothly. After all, no one wants to expend the bulk of their resources creating the strategy, only to have execution fail due to lack of staffing and inside knowledge.

They work with agencies who understand what it takes.

Finally, a great digital marketing copywriter typically links with an agency that can make their expertise available far and wide. With an agency to test their skill and manage the project, clients and writers alike can focus solely on spectacular outcomes.