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Why should a brand reach out to the best content writing sites? Digital marketing is everything these days, and with a wide range of copywriting needs, businesses choose services that specialize in written content. But why choose the best content writing sites over freelance hiring or in-house staff?

There are plenty of reasons, but the best content writing sites have thirteen qualities that easily make the case for outsourced content services.

1. They don’t go easy on writers.

Anyone can call themselves a writer, but not every writer can work at the best content writing sites. The top sites go out of their way to verify that their writers have the skill, strength, and focus to help client and agencies alike succeed. Services will also be on the lookout for a diverse array of writers, so they have someone ideal for every type of project.

2. Revisions are rigorous.

Even with a strict hiring process, writing services do not leave it all up to the writer. They know that professional writers value feedback and that every page of copy requires an editor’s input. All content orders are quality inspected, corrected, and revised upon request. This is not an extra, special service; it is the standard. With freelancers, this may require a change of terms to the contract. In-house, it means looking for additional staff.

3. They work for the biggest brands.

No business is too big or small to seek the services of a professional content agency. Some of the biggest names in athletic wear, cosmetics, retail, and more count on the same content agencies that small local businesses do.

4. The work stands out in more ways than one.

It takes more than great writing to get seen. The best content writing sites also bring SEO into focus. With every piece optimized for search, the content won’t just wow the audience; it will rank high enough to draw in new readers every day. This too is just a standard part of turning in great content, not an additional worry for brands to tend to themselves during content creation.

5. They know who they’re talking to.

One big hang-up holding brands back involves who their content is geared toward. Upon reviewing past content, brands realize they were talking at their audience, not to them. Content writing services have deep knowledge of the target audience they are writing for.

6. Always original.

Why does some informative content not rank so well? One reason may be that it is not very unique. Some businesses – and even some freelancers – engage in rewrites. They are just taking existing content from somewhere else and altering it until it can pass a plagiarism check.

A good content service does not do this. They focus on turning in content that is authentic, original, and offers a little something extra others do not.

7. Personal, but not too clingy.

When it comes to agency-client relations, the best content writing sites provide the best of both worlds. Clients are not required to agree to a long-term contract that locks them into the relationship. Yet they are also invited to stay as close to the project as they like and can receive updates from their dedicated account manager.

8. Highly organized.

How is it that content services can turn out so many pages of copy in such a short amount of time? Through top-to-bottom organization. All deadlines are met because each phase is carefully tended to by every party on the project. No one is left alone to struggle with a project, and no piece of content is ever forgotten.

9. Deeply researched.

Writing services want to provide audiences with as much value as they do their clients. That’s why their writers are also skilled researchers. They know who the client’s competition is, what tone is best for the project, and what high quality, trustworthy information looks like.

10. They offer proof.

How is anyone supposed to know that the best content writing sites are who they say they are? The answer is simple – the best has results to back up their claims. They can show prospective clients what they have done for other brands in the past.

11. Every format under one roof.

If they have not found the right agency, a brand can find themselves tracking down a lot of different people. Someone to handle blog posts, another to take care of landing page copy, another who does product descriptions. Content writing services can handle all of these formats. This way, brands save time and get great results faster.

12. Orders of all sizes.

Businesses can hesitate to hire an agency because they believe it is not necessary to do so for one or two blog posts. Another business might worry that the 100 articles they need are simply too much for one service. Both are wrong; clients can order the amount of content they need when they need it.

13. The best content writing sites want to write for every brand and business.

Professional content writers can have a particular area of expertise, but this does not mean they stay in a comfort zone. Every industry and topic is of interest to a professional content writer. That means they make the effort to see a business and its audience from every available angle.

In Summary

In some respects, the wealth of content writers available has lowered the standards of businesses and marketing agencies who need copy. They assume that the individual calling themselves a content writer must know best, without seeing any evidence of results. This leads to a succession of strategies that take a lot of trial and error before any results are seen.

However, content that elevates search rank and creates a loyal audience does not have to be a journey. By hiring the best content writing sites, businesses arrive directly at a destination where they state what their needs are and receive it. Stop seeking multiple hires for a single project, stop spending time on various phases of creation, and start publishing content that accurately and favorably represents a brand.