A good content creation agency has its work cut out for it. Outsourcing content creation is rapidly becoming the norm for many businesses. LinkedIn’s B2B Content Marketing Report finds that more than 40% of all outsourced content marketing efforts are dedicated to writing, with design coming in a few points lower.

At least some of these businesses rely on a content creation agency for their written content, especially if they’re growing an audience and need a lot of content. Here’s the rundown on such agencies, as well as why they’re a top choice for companies worldwide.

What Is a Content Creation Agency?

Instead of hiring an independent freelancer or two, businesses contact an agency. Content creation agencies are a network of content creatives with shared strategies and goals. One agency can offer a diverse array of services, making the hunt for the right writer specializing in the desired content simple. For many, this streamlines the outsourcing process.

Top 10 Benefits of Using a Contact Creation Agency

  1. Enjoy a hands-off approach to effective content.

With a single freelancer, one may find outsourcing content to be a very collaborative process. One may have to guide their freelancer through various stages of a project, review and request revision, and more. From there, additional help may be required to improve SEO or locate images. But with an agency, it can be as easy as placing an order and having it filled.

  1. Account managers facilitate the process.

People building a brand and running businesses are already busy. There’s little time for creating content themselves, let alone chasing down a writer and keeping them motivated to meet deadlines. An agency can provide an account manager to ensure the process runs smoothly and on time at every turn.

  1. Build a beneficial partnership.

Outsourcing with content freelancers is usually a short-term arrangement. So what about those who need content consistently? Agencies are ideal for this. There are no worries about a single writer becoming unavailable; the agency a business partners with will always have the right person at the ready. This makes it a much more reliable long-term solution to content generation.

  1. Expand reach.

While there are positives to hiring one freelancer, they have a limited skill set when compared to a content creation agency. An agency leverages the abilities of a comprehensive team of writers with expertise in a range of areas, whereas one person can only offer so much. If a business wants to expand its reach by offering content in all different formats, using fresh voices with a unified message, an agency is the way to go.

  1. It’s more cost-effective.

How is hiring an entire agency a wiser financial investment than hiring one writer with a very competitive hourly rate? It all comes down to what is included in the price, and how much time the client has to invest in the client-freelancer relationship. Because an agency handles the project for you, it saves valuable time on behalf of the client. And because the project is closely managed by the agency, it can be done faster.

  1. The total package.

It is common for a business to employ the services of an additional freelancer after the first has drafted the content. They may seek editors, SEO specialists, and someone to handle the visual aspects of a piece of content. But an order is an order with the right agency. They can ensure the content has been checked for errors and edited, employs the right optimization techniques, and source accompanying images.

  1. Complete multiple phases of a project at once.

Many people choose content creation agencies when they’re undergoing an overhaul or upgrade phase in terms of their online presence. By outsourcing content creation, anyone can accomplish related goals during the same period. This makes it possible to do a complete roll-out of all improvements at once. It’s perfect for rebranding, when a business may want to unveil a whole new identity for maximum impact.

  1. Get more reliable results.

How can a client be sure they’ll get exactly what they want? They’re more likely to get it via the oversight an agency provides. There are no worries that the content will not match the client’s specifications. Moreover, a good agency gives clients the ability to review work before it is approved, meaning they’re not obligated to accept and pay for a piece that isn’t on par with what they requested. Disputes with individual freelancers can offer much less in the way of recourse.

  1. Writers chosen for a specific project’s needs.

A common quandary facing many businesses outsourcing content creation goes as follows. They have a dedicated freelancer they turn to for content. The freelancer typically writes blog posts and does so successfully. But now the business needs help with marketing emails and copy for infographics. The freelancer agrees to this, but it isn’t exactly their wheelhouse.

Therefore, the business doesn’t get the results they’ve come to expect from that freelancer. With a content creation agency, clients can trust that the writer assigned to the task knows what they’re doing, and is the best person on staff for that job.

  1. Net a fantastic ROI.

Will hiring an agency for content give a good return on investment? When we consider everything that goes into managing a freelancer or using one’s own time to attempt to write copy, the answer is a resounding “yes”.

Optimized copy from an experienced content creator helps all types of businesses reach their target audience with as little hassle on their part as possible. After all, agencies place great emphasis on content that converts when selecting writers for a project.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a content creation agency is an intelligent way to manage time and money spent on expanding an audience and increasing conversions. It’s even better if someone isn’t sure what the criteria for effective content includes, as this is an agency’s entire focus. If fast turnaround, high-volume needs, and current knowledge of SEO is a necessity, there’s no better choice.